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EOH 402 The Climate Change Quiz. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


A tlc.trident.eduCase Assignment
t In this assignment, you will:
1. Take the “Climate Change Quiz” at
https ://www. earthdav. ora/take-action/footprint-calculator/ and assess how you did in thequiz. a. Summarize how you did.b. Which questions in the quiz had answers that surprised you?c. Which questions in the quiz did you answer well?
2. Utilizing the required module readings and conducting additional scholarly literature searches, explain how human activities contribute to problems associated with climate change.
3. Describe ways by which individuals can help fight climate change.
4. Compare the impact of climate change on developed vs. developing countries.Assignment ExpectationsUse infnrmatinn frnm ymir


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The Climate Change Quiz estimates the amount of ocean and land area required to sustain our consumption patterns. Another purpose of this quiz is to determine how quickly the climate would change given that we have become a reason for air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution. I took the quiz and enjoyed it thoroughly.
The answers to the following questions surprised me.
Wasting less food is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions -- I had no idea that a large part of the food we eat is wasted and we can save the environment from getting polluted by wasting less food.
Which of the following is a greenhouse gas – I used to think that carbon dioxide is the only greenhouse gas, but the answer surprised me, and I got to know that the other main greenhouse gases are CH4, ozone and water vapors.

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