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Article review. A Review of Employers’ Hiring Push Brings Workers Off the Bench (Essay Sample)


Student needs to use the economic theories learned in Microeconomics ECO 2023 to complete a review of a recent economic article (no older than two months) that addresses current economic issues. Such articles can be obtained from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist. Please include the link of the article at the end of the paper.
As per the professor:
An article review is a written evaluation of a particular work. It takes the form of an essay. It is done after carefully reading, note-taking and analysis of what the author is trying to say. It should be two typed pages (12 font double spaced).
The review must contain the following parts placed in a continuous narrative:
A- Description of the work: one or two paragraphs describing the work's physical structure and any information about the author you may have discovered. For example, magazine title, number of pages, publisher, copyright, date of publication, edition, whether is part of a series or any other information you may think is relevant.
B- Statements of author's goals: the author will state what he or she is trying to accomplish somewhere at the outset, either in the article's preface or in its introduction. In your own words, or paraphrasing the author, state the objective(s) of the article (one or two paragraphs).
C-Your verdict: Did the author achieve the goals? Or, were some achieved but not all? Were the conclusions valid, or can you show when he or she hedged the point? If the answer is "yes" show why and use examples from the text to bolster your praise. If the answer is "no" do the same thing to back your claim. Remember, you should not praise or condemn without proof.
D-Your opinion of the whole work: Did you like the article? Use examples to bolster your statements.


A Review of Employers’ Hiring Push Brings Workers Off the Bench
Insofar as the structure of this article is concerned, it is important to note that the author, Patricia Cohen, takes a direct and stepwise approach. She chooses to write in short paragraphs, each of which addresses a particular point or expounds on the previous point. This format works well to keep readers engaged, which is essential to helping the article achieve its core purpose. Published in The New York Times, this articles works well to back up its claims with credible and recent data on the employment rates in the US as well as working links to other stories that provide further information on the article. 

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