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Is progressive taxation fair? (Essay Sample)

Is progressive taxation “fair”? What arguments could be made that it is fair or unfair? Organize your answer in an essay format After exploring both sets of views, draw your own conclusion by taking sides on the two clashing views of business roles. Organize your answer and thoughts in an essay format. source..
Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Is progressive taxation fair? According to Weller and Rao (12), progressive taxation refers to a type of tax system designed to put the greatest tax burden on the richest people. This means that those who make the most money would pay the highest tax. Weller and Rao added that the chief reason for the establishment of progressive taxes is to attain fairness in taxation (17). In a progressive taxation system, those who make more money should pay more taxes, whilst those with lower income should pay little in taxes. In the United States, income tax paid by citizens is progressive and is based on income levels, as income levels rise, so do the tax levels (Oishi, Schimmack and Diener 22). Some think that progressive taxation is fair, while others think otherwise. Those who think that progressive taxation is fair use the following arguments. First, they argue that it is fair since it is based on the people’s ability to pay taxes. Another argument is that people who earn more money should contribute more to the nation than those who earn less, and would cite substantial amount of money made by people such as bankers as evidence of this (Oishi, Schim...
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