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Final paper. Consumerism. Management Research Paper (Essay Sample)


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In a THREE-page, aouble-spaced ESSAY, please answer ONE of the following questions by referring to your reading, class discussions and open public sources. In constructing your answers, you should express opinions based on your knowledge of the topic, concepts you have learned in the course and your understanding of the dynamic changes affecting the relationship between business and society. If you “borrow” words or ideas from some public source, you MUST identify your source in some way or you will be cheating. Please return your completed exam to me, both electronically and in hard copy, during one of the remaining classes, OR by putting it in my mailbox, Rm 9-240 VC, or hand it in to me at the regularly scheduled final exam period for this class:
FMWA - Monday, December 16th, in Room VC 4-180,3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
PMWA - Monday, December 16th in Room VC 13-210,6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
QMWA - Wednesday, December 18th in Room VC 8-135, 8:15 p.m. -10:15 p.m.
1. Is it the job of corporations to be socially responsible, or, does the social responsibility of a company consist of maximizing shareowner wealth? Will initiatives such as shareholder democracy, employee rights, corporate citizenship, cause-related marketing, sustainability, “green” technology and/or strategic alliances with stakeholders increasingly characterize business decision-making? What are some attributes of a “good corporation?” Can a company’s commitment to “shared value” increiase its profits?
2. You are CEO of a large financial services firm being interviewed by the editorial board of a major national business magazine. The editors want to know if your company is a good corporate citizen. Using stakeholder theory, describe how direct and indirect relationships with your stakeholders can help determine your success or failure in the marketplace.
3. What is consumerism? How have consumer pressures for greater honesty and fair treatment in the marketplace helped drive business responses in marketing, advertising and the arena of public policy? What are some of the trends that socially responsible companies need to respond to in order to satisfy customers’ evolving needs and expectations?


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Like any meaningful affiliation, getting to know your customer is an obligation. What will be the reaction of the consumer if he/she has a bad experience? The answer, they will stop purchasing your product or will stop doing business with you. The consumer can sour at any point, and in order to stop the souring, it is important for the business to get everything right (Espejo 1). To meet the expectations of the consumer, mapping-out the steps is important which helps in defining the entire consumer experiences. This mapping not only highlights the technical requirements but it also enables to process the needs of a smooth journey with regards to consumer pleasure and marketing. Moreover, the mapping helps in effective coordination with customers to deliver and satisfy their needs and expectations. Besides sales, operations, support, marketing and advertising play a key role in making the journey of a consumer, along with other critical functions such as; fulfilment and order management. These additional functions itself play a vital role in making the consumer happy and perceive the ability of a brand to deliver as per their expectations (Godinho, Prada and Garrido 251-273).

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