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Focus Any City Of Their Choosing That Faced Housing Issue (Essay Sample)


Students will also complete an 8-10 page paper (double-spaced, footnoted, with an annotated bibliography and emailed as a standard Word document) that focuses on any city of their choosing that faced a housing issue - and to present a critical analysis of the housing policies implemented.
The paper should consider the following questions as they may apply to their topic:
-What was the housing issue that the city faced? How was it identified?
-What tools did the government employ?
-What were their constraints?
-Was the outcome successful or not and why?
-How and why did public policies and programs create or influence the outcome?
-Was this the outcome that was intended?
-How well did the housing policies and programs meet the needs of the population?
-If the outcome was negative did the government seek to resolve the problem further?
-What strategies may have had better success?
-What lessons were learned?
The paper must rely on documented research and not simply online or journalistic sources. As such research in housing policy is often scarce; cities should be chosen with the availability of scholarly research in mind.
Upper part is the requirement of the memo
Attached files are the readings, use the point in the reading and analyze them for writing. In addition, please must select the cities in America, this is required in the syllabus and it has been highlighted.

New York is considered on the largest cities in the United States with a population of more than eight million people. Over the years, the population has been growing relative to the rural to urban migration along with immigrants from other cities. This is a trend that can be traced back to the period after the First World War. The prestige of living in the city has over the years yielded some mixed feeling about the state of the city especially with reference to residence quality and access (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development,). Affordable housing is one of the most challenging aspects of the city and one the government at the national and largely the local level has been battling since the First World War. The main issue can be traced to the fact that, the supply of the houses and the demand for the same has not achieved an equilibrium for the longest time in history ("Problem - NYC Housing Plan"). Every other New Yorker deserves to live in a city that offers an environment that is safe and affordable (Glen, Alicia). For the most part of the history of the city, the have been some significant challenges as to how the element of affordable and safe housing can be achieved.
Housing in New York
Over the last twenty years, the wages of the New York renters have stagnated. The only notable or significant change in increase that has taken place with reference to the income the average New Yorker earns, has been less than 15% (Glen, Alicia). It is important to note that this after the same has been adjusted for inflation. This is low relative to the pressure the new Yorkers have to deal with in light of the tidal changes in the economy and in this not in their favor. One of the element to consider in this paper is the fact that, the average rent in New York over the last twenty years has increased over 40% (Glen, Alicia). Compared to the less than fifteen percent of increase in the salaries and wages of the people living in New York, this is a huge and impossible bargain to work with. This means that over the years the new Yorkers have had to put up with an ever-increasing margin in the amount they have to sacrifice from their income to pay for their rent. What is most important is that the rent increase in the city affects all the five boroughs (Glen, Alicia). New Yorkers have to struggle constantly to put a roof over their head. This is significant considering the fact that, even the cost of other aspects ad amenities in the economy are also expensive.
“Cause of the affordable housing crisis is the mismatch between demand for, and the supply of, housing. This stems, in part, from the increasing desirability of calling New York home. For the first time in decades, more people are moving to or staying in the City than leaving: our older residents are aging in place rather than moving after retirement; our young families are remaining in the City rather than moving to the suburbs when their children reach school age; empty-nesters are returning to the City after their children are grown, and people are moving to the City from all over the United States, as well as all over the world. The attractiveness of the City is a hard-fought victory, and we must continue to retain and attract residents in order to prosper.” (Glen, Alicia)
Other than the fact that there is an issue of the rate of demand for housing and the rate at which they can be supplied, there is also the desirability to contend with. People keep moving to the city to live there (Glen, Alicia). The older generation is aging in place other than moving to the suburbs after they have retired. Young families no longer move to the suburbs once they get their children to the school going age. At the same time the empty nesters are returning to the city after their children are all grow...
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