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Why Legalization of Marijuana Should Be Stopped (Essay Sample)


Argumentative Essay
All sources must be listed or cited in MLA format
Must show valid points to argue for the CON side of legalization of Marijuana
Must have header with last name (DYKES)and pg # in upper right of each page
Use the classical method for organization of argumentative essay
Intro- catch the reader's attention establish purpose of argument
1st section- report relevant information
2nd section- state and support reasons of argument
3rd- explain and challenge opposing views, make concessions if necessary
4th- synthesize ideas of argument and emphasize importance of the main idea of the essay

Why Legalization of Marijuana Should Be Stopped
In the current world, complex diseases have emerged like Epilepsy and Parkinson’s that cause’s death. Using Marijuana can help cure these diseases. However, the legalization process of Marijuana has been an ongoing debate. Its proponents believe that it could be a good idea to legalize the drug owing to the medical benefits innate in it. As for its opponents, legalizing the drug could impart the community in wrong ways such as promoting deviant behaviors and adversely affecting the economy. This essay analyzes both sides of the argument on whether to legalize marijuana or not, affirming the need for the continuation of its illegalization.
Marijuana commonly referred to as Cannabis has been used throughout history to serve different purposes in different cultures. With time the purpose has changed because of the changing lifestyles. The cultivation of marijuana can be traced back in Jamestown around 1611; by then marijuana was used to make clothes because it was durable. In addition, marijuana fiber was used to make ropes and canvas (Baker 2). All these purposes were for survival. With time the use of marijuana changed as it was discovered to have the same effect as alcohol, it became widely used for recreational purposes. Later on, marijuana was discovered to have medicinal values, like treating glaucoma and intraocular eye p...
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