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Should the Federal Government Legalize the use of Marijuana? (Essay Sample)


For this argumentative paper we will be looking at High Times in Jamaica by Richard Jacobs. I would you to come up with your own argument for this paper. Write about what you want to write about. Make sure it's argumentative and write well. Use this argument:
Marijuana legalization:
Should the federal government legalize the use of marijuana?


Course title:
Should the federal government legalize the use of marijuana?
In the recent times, there has been much argumentation on whether there should be legalization of marijuana. This argumentation has been running across states. The question remains on whether the federal government should legalize the use of marijuana. Whenever there is an argumentation of this kind of nature, it is always crucial to base the argumentation point on the effects of the question at hand. Therefore, it would be crucial to consider the effects that legalization of marijuana use would have. This can be done through assessing what effects have been there in the countries in which the marijuana has been legalized.
In the consideration of these issues, it would not be right for the federal government to legalize marijuana. There have been display of a kind of life that is not stable or admirable in the countries in which the marijuana use has been legalized. A good example is the kind of life of the Jamaicans as portrayed by Richards. When marijuana is legalized in a country, the effects of its usage penetrate the different dimensions of the life of the people. The social life gets affected such that the morals of the people may be very wanting. The economic way of the people is also affected in the sense that; the people start engaging in unworthy economic activities. However, there could be argumentation that there is good life associated with marijuana use following its legalization. This could be based on the high note kind of life especially in drinking and relaxation; but this depends on how one looks at it.
Richard (pp 3) notes that one can hardly move without a Jamaican asking for something to eat or for a shilling. When they beg for food they really mean it. Most of the people living around docks, the waterfront, and the wharves d...
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