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Whether Or Not to Immunize Children Research Paper (Essay Sample)


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Topic: whether or not to immunize children
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Whether Or Not to Immunize Children
As per the World Health Organization (WHO), immunization is the practice where an individual is made resistant to a communicable disorder; the process is executed through the administration of a vaccine. Immunization is a recognized tool for regulating and eradicating life-menacing infectious ailments; it is assessed to prevent between 2 and 3 million deaths every year. Globally, vaccination is well known to be undertaken to children (Blaisdell et al. 479). Children undergo a series of vaccinations from the time they are born; some of the vaccines administered to children help them evade various diseases, for example, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, measles, and pertussis (Blaisdell et al. 482).
Currently, the majority of these infections are on their lowest level amid children internationally. Vaccines aid in making children immune to stern ailments without getting sick first. Vaccines work efficiently when they are administered at specific ages. For instance, children do not obtain measles vaccines until they become nine months old (Fairbrother et al. 387). Medical professionals argue that if such a vaccine is given before a child attains nine months, it could not work well; there is a particular schedule that should be followed when administering these vaccines (Fairbrother et al. 388). Immunization is vital to children, and failure to provide it has serious consequences.  
Scientifically, it has been evidenced that children's immune system is not affected by administration of several vaccines at a time. Kids are open to various foreign substances that activate their immune response on daily basis (Blaisdell et al. 485). A child's body is usually weak to be in a position to fight against many infections that could end up weakening their bodies; for that reason, it is advisable to ensure that children are immunized against diverse diseases as outlined on their vaccination schedule given at birth.
Significance of Immunization to Children
It is usually a routine that after a child is born he/she is taken through the immunization schedule to obtain crucial vaccines (Fairbrother et al. 387). The process starts immediately after the child is born up to the age of 6 years. The administration of vaccines in preventing various infections is significant to the child and the family at large.
Immunizations Saves Lives of the Children
From different technological advancements in the field of medicine, one's child could be protected against many infections than before. Particular disorders that once invaded and killed millions of children have been presently reduced; this achievement has been attained as a result of effective vaccines (Whitney et al. 352). Polio is an instance of the great effect that vaccines had to have in the US. Sometimes back, Polio was the most-feared disorder, raising deaths and paralysis across the states. Presently, there are no cases of polio concerns in America. For that reason, administration of Polio mid other vaccines is essential for the lives of the children worldwide (Whitney et al. 353).
Immunization Is Safe and Operative
Vaccines are usually administered following the schedule is given at birth (Fairbrother et al. 389). With a precise follow-up of the program, children are safe from various infections and the immunization itself (Fairbrother et al. 389). Moreover, the vaccines given are operative in the body system of the infant. The global procedure and the various medicines administered to a child at every stage are essential and safe; medic

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