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What Is The Production & Consumption Rate Of Energy In The US? (Essay Sample)


Client does not clear about the work. He could only gives that much of information (since its emergency, and he lost the requirement paper.)
It's a high school level of essay, and requires a good grammar etc.
Thesis, hook, bodies, conclusion. Like a normal high school requirement.
Anyways, BS something and let him hand in his work on time. Please finish this before his class (within 5 hours)

J. What is the production & consumption rate of energy in the US as of 2017?
The US oil drilling recovery combined with rising global demand will increase the energy production. Despite the growth of renewable energy, the conventional sources of energy production will still play an important role in the US. The falling oil prices have affected the oil production in the country, but proposed deregulation of the energy sector will likely increase the production rate, even as low oil prices is still a concern. President Trump’s energy policy will likely be a game changer if the promise of supporting fossil fuels and drilling is to be realized (Tan0.
Production and consumption
In the latest data released by the US Energy Information Administration EIA, the US Primary energy production in October 2016 was 7.153Q Btu. The oil shale sector is projected to get marginal benefits with expected tax relief, while the oil production pipelines from Canada will be reviewed (Tan). Furthermore the oil cut production by the OPEC members to boost prices will boost US production. However, nuclear energy is unlikely to increase production as this source requires huge investments. The crude oil production is projected as 8.91 million barrels per day in January 2017, and the total electricity generated being 10.94 billion kilowatt-hours per day, while reducing to 10.25 billion kilowatt-hours (EIA).
The consumption estimates of primary energy consumption total in October 2016 were 7662.058 trillion Btu (7.762 Q Btu) (EIA, 2017). This took into account the total energy consumed by the transportation sector, electric power, residential, commercial and industrial sector. However, with a rise in population and winter, the consumption rate in the month ended January 2017 and first week of February have risen. In January 2017 the total consumption was 10.96 billion kilowatt-hours per day, falling to 10. 71 billion kilowatt- hours per day (EIA).
To improve performance of the energy market it is important to access accurate and updated information on energy consumption and production. The energy consumption levels were divided into sectors...
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