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What F. Scott Fitzgerald Has to Say About Love, Marriages, Sexual Mores, And Wealth Disparity in The Narrative Nick Writes (Essay Sample)


Book: The Great Gatsby
Topic : Number 1
You need to quote directly from the literary work in each body paragraph to support your arguments
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What F. Scott Fitzgerald Has to Say About Love, Marriages, Sexual Mores, And Wealth Disparity in The Narrative Nick Writes
The 1920s was a time of growth in American society. Wealth became a determining factor for how people were viewed in society, and every American was looking to influence by becoming rich. It is the imagined American dream. The allure and glamor that comes with attaining wealth and higher social class status motivated F. Scott Fitzgerald's Gatsby. The setting is the 1920s where a man, Jay Gatsby, attempts to change his image through his acquisition of wealth. However, he soon learns that there is a greater allure than money, love. This essay seeks to discuss what Fitzgerald has to say about love, marriage, wealth, and sexual mores, as seen in the eyes of the character Nick Carraway.
In The Great Gatsby, love is a complex issue. It is not just about falling in love and letting one's emotions define how they treat the one they love. It is about love for what the other person represents. This idea is easily illustrated in Gatsby's and Daisy's love story. When Gatsby enlisted as a military officer, he made Daisy promise that she will wait for him. But Daisy knew that to have a good life and get ahead, she would have to marry someone with status. Thus, she married Buchanan, who, despite his wealth, cannot provide the same love and affection that Gatsby gave Daisy. Therefore, Daisy and Buchanan live a wealthy but unhappy life. But, when Gatsby re-emerges after serving in the military, he is a new man with new ambitions. He hosts the best parties and, therefore, has all people of note in attendance, including Daisy and Buchanan. But even after Gatsby and Daisy are reunited, it is clear that Gatsby's love for Daisy was not just about affection but love for what she represented, which is status. Hence, at one point, about Daisy, Gatsby says, "Her voice is full of money" (Fitzgerald 120).
In the novel, Myrtle says, "I married him because I thought he was a gentleman. I thought he knew something about breeding, but he wasn't fit to lick my shoe" (Fitzgerald 34). In this statement, Myrtle is referring to her husband, George. In it, she discloses why she married him and why she wants to leave him. She was attracted to him at first because he was a gentleman. But now, 12 years into their marriage, she no longer thinks that he is good enough. The issue of wealth and finances comes into play again here. Myrtle has been having an affair with Buchanan, Daisy's husba

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