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Different Perspective of Love and Women Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Film class homework, telling how the author’s description of women in the two books is different, combining it with the social environment at the time and their personal experience


Different Perspective of Love and Women
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Different Perspective of Love and Women
Women have always been viewed differently in society. In the past, social structures and cultural alienations have been the defining factors that set the tone on the perception of women. These pertain to how they are viewed, treated, and their status in society. Different scholars and narrative have since been used as a medium through which women's plight is expressed as a reference on how various societies perceive women. Environmental settings highly dictate the nature of how women are treated. Women's sexuality is also a matter that points out how different societies perceive women. Therefore, the essay will look into the different perceptions of love and women in Dingaling's Miss Sophie diary and Zhang Ailing's Speaking of Women.
Since its inception, “Miss Sophia's Diary," her work has since remained iconic in modern China's literature. She stands as one of the reaming intellectuals representing the fourth generation who had revolted against the traditional culture advocating for applying vernacular language in literature. Ding Ling stands as an exemplary person who is unique by making women her primary subject in her writings. "Miss Sophia Diary" is a confession that bravery exposes the modern Chinese woman tormented by erotic desires of having an exotic man (Wang, 2019). Through the thirty-three entries, she presents the theory on the modern girl stance. She presents her character detail the experiences of a woman through their perspective, which can be contradictory and problematic. The story in the diary is about Sophia, a woman grappling to understand her identity and sexuality. To understand the way Sophia admires the exotic man from Nanyang, and the language Sophia constructs in the diary demonstrate unconventionality that adds to Ding. Is the man presented to only play a critical male role right against the females? Or is the exotic man from Nanyang representing the ethnicity of Chinese.

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