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The Medium Is The Message (Essay Sample)

have write about \\\\\\\"hot\\\\\\\" and \\\\\\\"cool\\\\\\\" medium introduction look like this that i already write Medium Is The Message The Adventures of Media From over ten years, our world has been inventing many new amazing medias. With all these new media, we have been developing new ways to communicate. However, there are many negatives and positives effect of developing new ways to communicate. We have seen that cell phones are not only being used to talk and text, but also used as computers. Media not only became a site where you go chat with your friends, but you can now talk to them face to face. Some chose “hot” medium, which is low in definition and low in audience participation and other chose “coo” medium, which is low is definition but high in audience. Although these mediums have made life more convenient, it also has affects in our social life. As Marshall McLuhan's said, “our conventional response to all media, namely that is how they are used that counts, is the numb stance of the technological idiot. For the “content” of a medium is like the juicy piece of meat carried by the burglar to distract the watchdog of the mind.” +One can see Marshall McLuhan's belief, “the medium is the massage” in both medium “hot” and “cool”. * Three are to be covered are the “hot” medium of the telephone the “cool” medium of the song lyrics, and the “hot” medium of the Internet. source..
The Medium Is the Message
Hot media is characterized by high definition. This is media that completely connects one sense of the audience associate: illustration, broadcasting, motion picture and photograph. Cool media on the other hand is characterized by low-definition. This is where media requires more active involvement from the public to understand including television, telephone and comic strips. The videotape on the other hand is a hyper-real development in which the onlooker should fill in spaces of this replica of the real. Reading is connecting in hot media and tends to be a personal experience. Reading compared with speech, compels a separating realization, conceivably one completely-immersed in the person. One would therefore ask how internet infrastructure and the millions of web pages fit into the above illustration. Modern technological patterns are inclined to the hot.
The iPod for instance connects with end users, immerses the end user in a bubble of communication of our preferences. It is also ironical that modern technological trends are high-definition, connecting rather closely yet enabling end users to interact with others especially by way of social media. Furthermore, there exists what is known as the convergence of the technologies. The smartphone for instance is a typical replica of multi-sensory engagement which enhances interpersonal communication effectively. However, in the independence of media, where all media is congregate, it makes it all lukewarm. The gamut of contracting to a singular level as in the multimedia encounter of the smartphone, suggesting that technology has indeed sped up our communications, such that there is a manifestation that time has crinkled upon us. We read content and watch video clips and technology has made it possible that we can communicate with the rest of the world. We tweet and give our views based on engaging discussions on media.
It’s not what one says but how one says it.” “We create the machines and ultimately the machine creates us.” Mcluhan, “This is merely to suggest that the personal and social consequences of any medium- that is, on any extension of ourselves-result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves.” (Understanding Media, Pg. 23). According to McLuhan’s frame of mind, the telephone is cool owing to the mere fact that it presents a small amount of information, analogous to spoken words. McLuhan asserts that the telephone requires the listener to fill information; hence the telephone can be seen in the spectacles of listening. In simple words, he is thinking basically in terms of perception, without putting in mind how individuals may equally contribute to what they observe. However, the telephone in retrospection became a popular medium simply because it is a reciprocal appliance, meaning users listen and talk. T...
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