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Death of a Salesman (Essay Sample)

use of a single literary device (tragedy)throughout \"Death of a Salesman\" Include an outline of your essay source..
Death of a Salesman
The illustration in the salesman death comes from a particular person being crushed by a merciless and prevailing consumer culture. The Willy Loman tragedy tries to explain that he was an inability to face reality, and was not a better salesman. The man depended on his dreams that revealed his emotion as well as conscience (Miller, 34). It was one of the plays that revolved around America in the 1950`s, and was the first one to question capitalist society, by concentrating on a post family war typical. The play continued to elaborate the ideology of the American Dream. The dream gave out an indication that one can achieve success after stating from nothing as a result of hard working. The play was therefore; harshly critical of the indications and tried to prove the financial income was either dismissed or misinterpreted in the personal success value.
Act one was the main scene I took most of time to concentrate on. At the beginning to that, it was established briefly that Willy was preoccupied with the maters of the past, and between him and his oldest daughter, Biff, there was a high tension. At the same time, Linda who was his wife was signified as a doting and caring woman. The scene continued to explain that between the two brothers, Happy, and Biff, there was a contrast notice regarding their countryside as well as their personality (Miller, 41).
This also helps to give out a clear view concerning the two brothers on the past relationship, concerning hopes among them, their supportive acts, as well as juxtaposed with the conflict among them at the present time. It also elaborates many devices of dramatic that appeared through out the play, by exposing the financial problem the family was undergoing. The scene continued to show the pressure that Buff`s brother was undergoing through, as he was to provide more resources than he was able to afford (Miller, 48). It continues to display the philosophy of Willy that being well liked is what someone needs to get by in his life. That`s what favored Biff in high school and enabled him to gain his popularity.
In the entire play, what was noticed by the audience was that when one was plunged into Willy`s imagination, the character was not giving attention to wall doors and lines. This represented a clear picture of Willy`s sanity boundaries. Therefore, any form of confusion that could have been experienced during the process of reading the play, was avoided when one was watching it (Miller, 57). As a result, Willy could not confront the reality as he was not in a position to accept his dreams falseness. It also shows that the entire theme that began in the scene ran in the play throughout and appeared to resolution at the end of the scene.
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