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Review Questions chapters 4, 5 and 6 (Essay Sample)

I an attacting document # 11 through 16 review questions is on document 16 chapter 4 then document 19 through 30 which is chapter 5 and 6 the review question i will have to send to you in a e-mail. Three chapters, one page per chapter. Chapter 5. 1. In what respects are ethnic and religious diversity in the United States related to each other? 2. Is assimilation automatic within any given ehtnic group. 3. Apply Whiteness to German, Irish,Italian,and Polish Americans. 4. To what extent has a non-Christian tradition been developing in the United States? 5. How have cpirt ri;omgs affected re;ogopis expression? Chapter 6 Identily three policies or actions taken by the fereral governmenrt that have significant impact today in the daiuly lives of Native Americans 2. How have land rights been a continuing theme in White-Native Americans. 3. How much are Native Americans expected to shed their cultural heritage to become a part of contemporary society? 4. Do casinos and other gaming outlets represent a positive force for Native American tribes today? 5. What challenges are there to reservation residents receiving effetive healthcare? This is a add on the order # 00022460 Chapter 5 and 6 questions Chapter 4 questions was added in with the order. source..
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Literature and language
Chapter 4
What are the functions and dysfunctions of immigration?
America’s population is riddled with great diversity of the many races and cultures that live in the USA today. Immigration is one of the contributing factors to this immense diversity. There are a lot of benefits to be accrued from the immigrants that come looking for green pastures in the United States of America. These benefits can be traced to the labor market, where the immigrants provide cheap labor. The other benefit relates to the cultural diversity that the immigrants bring to the society. While these immigrants some times are accorded a chance to live within the new society for long, other time the immigrants are not so luck as they are only allowed to stay on seasonal basis. In most of the countries and not just in America, when there are economic woes, it is the immigrants that are blamed for the slumps. The natives vent the frustration on to the immigrants, especially if they are not employed while the immigrants are working. It is really is a blind sense considering that the jobs these immigrants take are those that the natives are too proud to take up.
What were the social and economic issues when public opinion mounted against the Chinese immigration to the USA?
It hard not to notice the kind of reception some of the immigrants get, from their host societies from time to time. This can be summed up to the dysfunctions that are related to immigration in any society, considering social economic dynamics. In an example, when the Chinese first landed in America, they received a cold shoulder, especially in the times when there were economic crisis. They became the scapegoats for the economic slump, which took place in the last half of the nineteenth century. It was during this period that the quota Acts were brought on board, from the fear that the non-Americans were the cau...
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