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The things they carried by Tim O'Brien (Essay Sample)

Read the story “The Things They Carried” by Tim O'Brien. Write an essay in which you make an argument for the most important word in this story. Your word may be any word but “carried” . You might identify a thing; you might find another kind of noun, or, for that matter, a verb or adjective or preposition. You may find something else altogether that seems to you to be pivotal to the point that the story is making. At a fundamental level, your essay is going to develop an argument about the central idea, problem, or point of this story. You will make this argument by making a case for seeing the word you have identified as the most important word in the story. source..
The things they carried by Tim O’Brien
The most important word-LOVE
The word that is so much repeated in the story is love. The word love is first seen when Lt. Jimmy was opening letters that were sent to him by Martha, though they were not love letters, within himself, he thought they were and that is the reason why he opened the envelope with a lot of hopes that he will find sweet words from Martha (O’Brien 1). However, he could even taste the envelope because he knew that Martha used her saliva when closing the envelope. Therefore, by him tasting the envelope, he assumed that they have kissed, though it was just an imagination. He was greatly possessed by love such that he could imagine many romantic events between himself and Martha. However, when Martha was signing the letters, she also used the word ‘love’ though she did not mean the love that jimmy thought.
On the other hand, it was a bit ironical because jimmy wanted Martha to extend the same love that he had for her, but in her letters, she did not talk about love and surprisingly, she was a virgin. In her letters, she only talked of poverty and told Jimmy to take care but she did not tell him that she had feelings of love for him. By the fact that jimmy even wondered if Martha was a virgin, we can see that he was even thinking of being intimate with her, something that Martha was not thinking about (O’Brien 6).
In addition, love is greatly expressed even if the word itself is not used because soldiers of war in the story seem to have been intimate and ready to help because we are told that when one of them was shot, they assisted him and a chopper came and took him away (O’Brien 12). Moreover, lieutenant was somehow fanaticizing about Martha because he was thinking of who ever had the photograph he had for Martha. His love for Martha was too much such that he could even see somebody taking her photograph in his imagination. By observing the photographs of Martha, Lieutenant would figure out the virginity in her, though virginity can not be seen from outside. However, he also remembers a time when he kissed her and he even thought of how he would have done something else brave. Lieutenant loved Martha so much such that even when lavender died, he could not avoid thinking about Martha even though he was grieved. Later, Martha also seems to have love feelings for lieutenant because she sent him some pebbles which she collected in the shoreline and they were in a place where things came together and then separated (O’Brien 7).This issue of coming tog...
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