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Thanks mom for teaching (Essay Sample)

Hello, Please make a narrative essay about the following topic Thanks mom for teaching me. I will attach the required information which my instructor asked us to include in the essay. I also will attach my one page essay so you can rephrase it and try to include it in the new essay. ((( it very important that you use a simple and basic words in the essay so my instructor won't notice that somebody wrote it instead of me since I am non English speaker ))) Please try to write around 900 words Thanks source..
Thanks mom for teaching.
Being a first born in the family, life experience between the support of my parents especially my mother was one surprise to real intents and growing up to real mature man with full of fun, it was like opening each new page of an interesting storybook to find out what it unfolded thereafter. Moreover, it seemed the storyline of kids cartoon time whereby young kids can sit all day to give a smile for the play, not seeming tiresome but the beast times ever but which later had the impact of becoming a gentleman and be able to applause for the work that really made me who I am today.
At a tender age, about two years old, everything seemed strange, even the language that the grown up used was another issue that I could try to follow by opening and closing my lips to say something which is real meant nothing as by my perception. By this age my mother could curl me around my hands, embrace me and tells me ‘you are about to learn say mom` I could closely listen and try to utter the words but my coordination of the mind and sound couldn`t enable me to clearly say the full uttered words. She could try on and on, trying to make me say something until the repetition was clear and sounding enough to make me follow after and talk "Mom;. This could go on, on everything that surrounded me; the environment, furniture in the house, people`s names, and every action went with her insisting that I should understand what went around my world and the new experience. Furthermore, as I continued to grow to four and five years, my socialization grew deeper, my mother backing everything. She was motivation on learning at least each new thing at least for a day.
She would sit down our reading table with me on her laps and we could open with me the storyteller books each evening while holding my hands and showing me how to open the book pages, each had a short note about the picture and this she could say the names and let me repeat with her. While my father looked on us, she could smile to him while I had my first trials and are then be able to say it correctly, by my father nodding to us and smiling. It felt an urge for me to carry on all night but not long after the big day chapter that she could whisper, "time for sleep" she wouldn`t let me off her arms and let me lead to my bedroom where they sung for me a goodnight lullaby and let me sleep after the day`s experience.
Early in the morning each day, after taking breakfast, brushing my teeth by her assistance, my day with playing all started, it always was interesting when my parents were on holiday and could spend most of the days...
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