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Hybrid car (Essay Sample)

use introduction what i wrote but add arguable thesis sentence introduction As all people know that every car runs with gasoline, however, gas is currently running out and in our future gas will be running out completely. Hybrid car is the one of our new solution for our future vehicle which uses both electric and gasoline. Since 2000, due to gas price increase very high many people seeking to buy a hybrid car to save money instead regular gasoline cars. In this research paper I am going to talk about what is difference between hybrid and regular gasoline car and what advantage or disadvantage does hybrid car has. (fix grammar and add more details with arguable thesis and you can extend the length of introduction if you need. My essay suppose to be about same level as what i wrote or bit better) Body need what is hybrid car and purpose of hybrid car positive effect that hybrid car buyers will have like save money and gas and more information negative effect that hybrid car has like expensive battery replacement, too quiet engine sounds cause danger to padastrains or bline people etc need benefits of hybrid car like tax rebate and specify with which states offer what type of benefits Also, i need counter argument need to compare regular car vs hybrid car. Put it in any paragraph it will fit in best conclusion I am an international students so do not use vocabulary that international would not know and essay should not looks like native speaker writing. You can paraphrase, summary, and use 1 or 2 quotation in paragraph. source..
Hybrid car
In general terms, individuals are aware that all cars run through the use of gasoline. Nevertheless, gas is presently running out and there is possibility that within the future, individuals will experience problems concerning gasoline use in vehicles because it will be completely running out. This calls for invention of other vehicle types which will have the capacity to utilize other energy forms. Hybrid car has been recognized as one of the suitable solutions for our vehicles in future because it has the capacity to utilize both gasoline power and electricity. This is associated with a number of benefits hence within some nations like United States, individuals have been encouraged to make use of hybrid cars. Since 2000, many individuals are seeking purchase of hybrid cars because of the experienced increase concerning gas prices as they attempt to save financial resources instead of utilization of usual gasoline cars. Hybrid cars are advantageous over regular cars due to their capacity to cut on fuel costs hence their use ought to be encouraged.
Hybrid car definition
Hybrid cars may be expressed as any vehicle types which make use of either two or more power sources (Kardirov 15). They are usually powered through the use of internal combustion engines together with electric motors which are charged as a result of regenerative breaking and wheels’ movement. These cars make use of electrical power for the purpose of enhancing the engine efficiency. Although most manufacturers have opted to combine gasoline with electricity, others have opted for water and solar power (Dooley 35). The purposes associated with hybrid car utilization is usually introduction of alternative power in that it has the capacity to utilize electricity instead of the usual gasoline, hence this trims down vehicle power costs.
Advantages associated with hybrid cars
Individuals who purchase hybrid cars will have the capacity to enjoy a variety of positive effects which may be brought to light as follows. For instance, performance and efficiency have been found to characterize hybrid cars (Choy 25). They usually have engines which are smaller compared to typical gasoline cars, because power is usually acquired from two sources. This implies that the smaller engines end up being closer to usual power requirement regarding engines which will bring about performances which are efficient. This justifies the idea that hybrid cars hold greater benefits when judged against typical gasoline cars.
Secondly, hybrid car utilization brings about low pollution concerning our ozone (Bonner 55). Among the factors which steer Ozone damage is air pollution, wherein dangerous chemicals get their way to atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide mostly released by vehicles. Sources bring to our attention that measure regarding carbon dioxide release to atmosphere by vehicles is usually relativ...
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