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Story of an Hour (Essay Sample)

"Story of an Hour"/"Everyday Use" Unit Three Essay: Arguing an Interpretation or an Evaluation Purpose: The purpose of this essay is to explicate or analyze a reading that you choose from the assigned readings in Unit Three. You are expected to rely heavily on your textbook to supply you with specific information regarding literary elements. The textbook contains information regarding character analysis, plot structure, theme, etc, in addition to information regarding literary terminology and sample student essays. Any questions that you have should be posted in the Course Questions and Answers on the Discussions board as soon as possible. Requirements and Options: The completed draft of this essay should be around 750-1000 words, or no less than three complete and no more than four complete pages, and use MLA format. You may choose to write about any story, or poem that is assigned for Unit Three. In addition, you will incorporate some research material into your essay. But the focus of the essay is your analysis; the research material should only support your points. You should have at least two sources, such as articles or ebooks from GALILEO, or from books that you found in GIL. Those sources must be cited in proper MLA format throughout the essay and in a Works Cited page. Reminder: Keep in mind that you will be developing either this essay or your previous essay for your research project, so choose your topic carefully. source..
Name: Instructor`s name: Course: Date due: Story of an Hour This paper critically analyzes the book "story of an hour" to understand its concepts and ideas. Kate Chopin`s book, The Story of an Hour embodies a pessimistic outlook of marriage by introducing to the reader the story of a lady who is without a doubt thrilled by the death of her husband. Kate expresses this in a language that portrays Louise`s feelings as she swings between lack of sensation and tremendous delight at her brand new independence. The reporter of The Story of an Hour recounts what she views in plain writing style but when it comes to her feelings, she expresses them in influential and vibrant words. This implies that Louis has a profound personal being which is not associated to the husband`s outer world or her pals and the fact that she remains in her bedroom to realize her mind-set is essential. The Narrator secludes everything inside the mind of Louise and depicts as vivacious but describing everything that is not in her bedroom so plainly. The simple use of particular words is analytical of the inside world of aspect and living, there are as well a number of cases of ironical use of some expressions and images to express Louise`s contentment in The Story of an Hour and the eventual communication that marriage is limiting. In a number of ways, the actuality that she succumbs to death due to heart attack which had resulted from the joy she developed after seeing her husband dead is emblematic of the bug of marriage. To a great extent, it is similar to a suffering for she does not sense freedom except when her husband is absent. Her unhappiness from the symbolic ailment implies that she suffers inside her since she develops a heart problem and not any other part of her body is affected. Louise`s husband loved her despite the fact that she did not love him back in return. For example, one essential quote in the book "the face that had never looked safe with love upon her" depicts that she was loved by the husband with h...
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