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Montaigne's Topic of Education and how it is also found in some of his other essays (Essay Sample)

Not a research paper or biography. This is for French Civilization course and I need a paper on Montaigne\\\'s topic of the education of children and how it is followed/found in some of his other essays. source..
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Montaigne’s Topic of Education and how it is also found in some of his other essays
The essays of Montaigne are seen as the supply to our deficiency in literature. This famous French writer is worth being recognized as a classic in all disciplines of literature and the entire country. Montaigne’s books are different from other written literature because they divert into new channels thus separating the ancient thoughts from the current. He explains to his readers the opinions of the writer about men and non-living things and he displayed what must have been thought of as a bizarre light on matters that were not understood. Bravely, he was able to write essays related to all subjects in related disciplines and under operating influences he had the ability to write his essays in a literary anatomy. Montaigne speaks languages of nature which is always available anywhere at anytime and it is the same in whichever continent you are in.
In this globalized world we need life skills in order to survive and it takes us to be educated so that we may have the appreciation and understanding of our environment. Education as an experience or an action tends to have formative impact on the individuals physical ability, character or the mind. Even though people have notions that are similar about their views on education, Montaigne learnt that people’s ideas are incomparable thus he tries to inform his audience (Madame Foix) about how children ought to be educated in a shifting perspective or view point.
Benchmarks of success are categorized with future earnings and career goals and it is what most individual frame in our education system today. However, Montaigne despises this thought saying that the importance of education is “not for gain” or “for external advantages” but it is an art that furnishes and enriches an individual inwardly. Education is meant to develop a child’s understanding and perception towards life. When a child is equipped with ideas and knowledge from what he is being taught and what he experiences then he is better placed at making the right choices and decisions in life.
Progress is important in every student’s life and as they shift from middle school to high school hey stand a higher chance to select classes. Selecting classes provides the students an opportunity to expound on a different subject and thus learn from it. As a result of this they have the ability to discover talents and skills that were uncovered hence their prospects are expanded. Undoubtedly, students progress by defining themselves through the areas of discipline, the courses they are interested in and would wish to expand their knowledge on. It is only when you allow the student to choose classes that he will be in a position to explore, familiarize and define themselves. As for the parents they need to understand that the highest priorit...
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