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The waste land By T. S. Eliot (1922) (Essay Sample)

to write a review of T.S.Eliot\\\'s poem\\\"The Waste Land.\\\" the purpose of a review is to inform readers about a work and to theb render some kind of judgment about whether others might enjoy it.In order to get a real sense for a text you need to know about its origin, the time it was written,its influences, and the life of the author. you have to explain your judgment if you want to have any credibility with your readers. must include the following specific elements in the essay: 1. a title 2. subheading-one sentece, no more than 20 wrods. 3. one \\\"pull quote\\\"-a sentece from the essay that you feel stands out and should appear in a larger text font when your review is printed in the magazine. 4. one quote from \\\"The Waste Land\\\". 5. one quote from 6. one quote from either Eliot\\\'s end note, material from hypertext versions of the poem, or from one of the guides. 7. analysis of one specific scene or image using your own criticism/evaluation. Criteria for Success: Detailed Sentences Strong Topic Sentences Use of a personal voice Focused paragraphs Clarity Tips for success; Try to imagine your reader in as much detail as possible. do to di this, simply put yourself in their shoes.what do you think they should know about the poem? how can you best serve them? try to anticipate their questions, concerns, anxieties,and respond to them. please make sure have 4 quotes into the essay; pleasa read all the poem \\\"The Waste Land\\\" and Karr\\\'s essay \\\"How To Read the Waste Land Alters Your Soul\\\" carefully, because you have to pick one quote good from each. and find one quote from outside reseach. source..
‘The waste land’ By T. S. Eliot (1922)
Society is a heap of broken images where the sun beats
Thomas Stearns Eliot was born in Missouri in 1888. He did graduate work in Philosophy at Havard and Merton College. Tomas was one of the most innovative poets in the twentieth century. He believed that poems were the only way that could define the complexities in the modern society. Eliot joined publishing and literature work in 1925 after he quit his job as a banker. His career in anthropology and literature was boosted when he joined Faber and Gwyer, a publishing firm, and when he won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1948. He did his first poem in 1917 which gave him the inspiration to do more poems from its numerous feedbacks (Brooker & Bentley 106).
In October 1922, Eliot developed the poet ‘The Waste Land’. In November the same year, the poet was published in the Dial and later was published as a book. The poem is an exploratory yet illusive poem that can be analyzed at three different levels i.e. the individual, the society and the race to achieve by all the humans. At the individual level, the poem reveals what the main intentions and feelings of Eliots were while writing, at the societal level the poem relates to his society and at the human level it goes beyond all human societies (Untermever 136).
The poem’s opening lines are an introduction to how the protagonist reacts to the arrival of springs in April. He is afraid to live the life and does not want the revelation that the new life brings across wit...
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