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How Is This Society Embodying A Consumerist Model? (Essay Sample)


Please write an essay about”How is this society embodying a consumeristic model ?” Between the book and the movie “Hunger Games”


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How is this Society Embodying a Consumeristic Model?
The society depicted in the Feed and Hunger Games is very consumeristic. It is more capitalist and the top earners and rich people afford the means to live a relatively better and more comfortable life than the other people. In the case of Feed, Violet and her father are unable to afford repairs to her Feed to enable her to live a better life. They got themselves in this mess in the first place when they failed to install the Feed into Violet when she was a newborn. Installing it later in life comes with more problems and possible malfunctions which Violet experienced. The repairs are expensive and the company fails to help them because of her unreliable consumer profile. Companies promote their futuristic products as revolutionary but instead they are designed to milk information from the users and use it against them CITATION Eps16 \l 1033 (Epstein). The consumer profile is meant to be used against the client and when the company notices that the information they collect is not of very good use to them, they apply other clearly discriminative approaches to the users with unreliable consumer data even when it can be a matter of life and death. Therefore, the consumerism depicted in the Feed is overly capitalist and meant to benefit a few people and disadvantage many.
This is comparable to the consumer model depicted in the Hunger Games. The ‘tributes’ have to compete for survival to earn food and other material things for their people in the districts. It is a tall order for Katniss to carry the hopes of her district and a chance to give them a better life while clearly, it was not her fault that led them to that situation. The games were designed by the rulers in the capital who have the majority of wealth in the Panem and therefore torturing and even killing other innocent people so as to give their people what they deserve is mean, wrong and authoritarian. Hunger games represents a dystopia society pegged on capitalism CITATION Bla09 \l 1033 (Blasingame, Jung and Stahn). To eat and guarantee food for your people in the next year is dependent on issues not remotely related to the efforts of these people who are poor. It is rather based on a game designed by the capital to continue oppressing the people for their own pleasure but the survival of the oppressed.
There are similar aspects of these works; first, both stories seem to be anchored and controlled by a central system that determines how the rest of the people enjoy or live their lives. In the case of the Feed, the central body is the company that installs Feeds. The Feed seems to be a very integral part of this society’s life such that it is hard for anyone who doesn’t have a Feed. On the other hand, the capital is the central system that oppresses the districts and the people. The capital is very rich and self-centered at the expense of the lives of the other people in the districts. All they seem interested in the Hunger Games is the pleasure of people killing each other to earn the right of their district to receive relatively better treatment than the r

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