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Raisin In The Sun: Comparison Between Mama And Walter's Dreams (Essay Sample)


double space essay compared Mamma and Walter dream.

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Comparison between Mama and Walter’s Dreams
In A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry reveals a typical hard-working African-American family which seeks to make their dreams come true. Dreaming of a better life is all the characters have after economic and social hardships keep thwarting and condemning their push for more. Two people, however, have conflicting dreams with one seemingly ready to shelve hers for the sake of her family while the other being ready to risk the family’s only cash to actualize their dream. Mama or Lena Younger is Walter and Beneatha’s mother and her quest to provide her family with the best is indeed astounding. She is a morally upright person whose desire for her family’s brighter future is rivaled by her son’s quest to become an entrepreneur. Walter and Beneatha, like their mother, have dreams as well. Beneath’s dream is to become a doctor while Walter’s dream is opening a liquor store. However, Walter’s aggressiveness and push to actualize his dream makes him a direct rival to his mother’s quest for a better future for the family. While both dreams are legitimate and towards a specific objective, there are some significant differences as well and hence the focus of this article.
One of the similarities between the dreams of Mama and Walter is the fact that both want a way out of the life they are leading. Walter is tired of the life he has had since his childhood and is, therefore, planning to use the insurance money to start his liquor business. He is using all means possible to make sure he achieves his dream and at one point uses his wife to sell his idea Mama. “just sip your coffee, see, and say easy like you been thinking ‘bout that deal Walter Lee so interested in, ;bout the store and all, and sip more coffee, like what you saying ain’t really that important to you—and the next thing you know, she be listening good and asking you questions and when I come home—I can tell her the details…” Walter believes in his dream and is determined to make his mother a believer as well. Mama, on the other hand, dreams of owning a house but is also weary of her children’s dreams especially Beneatha’s. Like Walter, she wants to take her family away from the slum life and gift them with a new life and in a new neighborhood.
One of the differences in Walter and Mama’s dreams is that the former is selfish and is, therefore, ready to do anything to actualize his dream. Mama, on the other hand, is ready to shelve her own dreams for the good of the family. Walter believes that his dream should be given priority and at one point questions Beneatha about her dream. “Who the hell told you you had to be a doctor? If you so crazy ‘bout messing ‘round with sick people, then g...
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