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The Last of Mohicans: Historical Facts (Essay Sample)


Compose a five paragraph essay in MLA style with a Works Cited page that discusses some of the historical facts used by James Fennimore Cooper in his novel, The Last of the Mohicans. As there are too many historical facts in the novel to use in a short essay, limit your choices to those that interest you the most: actual people represented in the novel; actual locations and names of forts and towns; actual battles and various skirmishes and attacks; and so forth. Your essay should be based on research and documentation of the sources you used for your information/quotes in your essay. Feel free to include historical photographs and drawings that you may find during the course of your research.

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The Last of Mohicans: Historical Facts
The Last of Mohicans is one of the highly acclaimed Novel by James Fennimore Cooper. It demonstrates the rich history of the Mohican people dating back centuries ago. The story is centered on the Mohican Indians who are part of the Native American tribes. The book is set in the year 1757 during the French and Indian war. During this way, the British used these Native Americans as allies. The events in the book takes place in upper New York wilderness based on the transportation of Colonel Munro’s two daughters, Cora and Alice to a safe destination at Fort William Henry (Cooper, The Last of the Mohicans).
While going through the book, one gets to learn historical facts about the Mohican Tribe and how they can be credited as being the original American people from the north. For example, one comes to understand that the Mohicans are the original owners of what is now known as the New York City, Souther Vermont, Northwest Connecticut and Massachusetts (
One major fact from the novel is that the Mohicans were once a very strong and powerful nation which was embroiled war among the British and the French. Historical facts tell that only 138 of the Mohicans were recognized by the year 1782, however according to the story, the one person who is the main character was the last of all of them (
A mohican Tribes Man Source: (
In the story, one also learns more about how they lived and where most of the Mohicans lived. Though the story is fictional, it tells more about the life of the Mohican tribe and their culture. For example, th...
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