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The Philosophy Of Romanticism: Self-awareness (Essay Sample)


Question: Do you think you fit in better with the philosophy of the Neo-classics or with the Romantics? You may see yourself as completely one or the other, or perhaps you are somewhere in the middle. You need to discuss where you fit and why. You need to show a clear understanding of the group(s) you identify with and use specific examples from your life to support your position.
Method: Two-three pages, 12-point, correct MLA format, correct style, correct grammar. The first person is required for this essay.
Make sure this is a high school senior essay. don't write something that is not fit for my situation.
The source may or may not be used.


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The philosophy of romanticism emphasizes emotional self-awareness as a fundamental condition in improving society and bettering human life. The philosophy identifies with subjectivity rather than objectivity. Science tries to describe the world objectively. In this regard, there is no viewpoint through which the world is understood. I identify with the philosophy of the Romantics. I content that viewing a particular aspect subjectively is more important than focusing on the objective viewpoint. In the modern economic environment, subjectivity is preferred to objectivity as it fosters innovation and entrepreneurship essential in promoting the growth of economies. For example, if three people, a farmer, property developer, and artist look at a particular landscape, each of them would see it from a particular viewpoint. For instance, the property developer would see the potential of developing real estate apartments, a farmer would see the chance of practicing agriculture and the artist would see subtleties of form and color. In this context, each individual sees the landscape from a particular (subjective) viewpoint rather than an objective viewpoint. Whenever I look at something, I look at it from a perspective that could be able to make economic sense. In this regard, I prefer subjective evaluation to objective evaluation because it is bound to make sense out of a particular concept rather than just viewing it.
I believe that an individual should be allowed to lead a life that promotes independent self-determination, self-expression, and self-realization. In this regard, the nature of a person should not be defined by either the political or societal factors. The romanticism philosophy further emphasizes these aspects. According to Wordsworth, one of the influential philosophers in the romantic period, ‘an individual could directly understand nature without the need for social and society artifice.' He further contends that salvation is a solitary individual choice and should not be in any way influenced by political movements. On a personal level, it attaches most importance

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