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Disability can never be Inability (Essay Sample)

The short story should reveal your ability to develop a character with a problem or conflict, where the tension rises in the story as the protagonist attempts to solve the problem or conflict. source..
Disability can never be Inability
Joshua was a boy who was born prematurely by her mother at the age of seven months because her mother, Prudence had contracted a serious bout of Malaria during her late pregnancy. Therefore, Joshua had to stay in the hospital nursery for a period of 2 months before he was discharged. After being discharged, the mother did not have any money because Joshua had been born out of wedlock and therefore, the father had denied responsibility for the mother’s pregnancy. Luckily enough, Joshua’s mother was a very staunch Christian who worshipped in one of the local Anglican Churches and therefore, the members of her cell group came in quickly and paid all her hospital bills.
Back at home in a remote village known as Kalazar, life was very unbearable since Joshua’s mother was a casual employee in one of the local factories and as such, she was not entitled to any fringe benefits and incentives in her work. The neighbors quickly moved in and provided the little food they had so that poor Prudence and her son could afford a meal on the table. Life was so hard that Joshua’s mother once contemplated committing suicide because things were not the way they were supposed to be. Joshua’s father, a successful farmer in Kalazar could hear none of it when approached by a close friend of Prudence to offer his help. Instead, he accused Prudence as a prostitute who slept with anyone she came across with and therefore stood his ground and said he was not responsible for her pregnancy.
Because of the remote environment and the low standards of living that Prudence and her son were living in, Joshua contracted Polio and therefore led to one of his legs being crippled. His mother never knew anything about immunizations until the Pastor of the Church; a Reverend Adamson asked her if she had taken the baby to the clinic for immunizations. Luckily enough, the reverend’s interventions saved poor Joshua from contradicting some other diseases which could have easily been prevented through vaccinations and other immunizations. Joshua’s childhood was marred by pains and hardships but all in all, Jehovah God stood with this single parent family and they managed to go through the hurdles of very delicate childhood.
At the age of three years, Joshua was a very jovial boy who enjoyed playing with his friends and easily struck the support and admiration of every person he came across despite his physical disability. He was very creative in his childhood games and every child in his neighborhood could never afford a day without him despite their mothers’ threats not to play with a cripple. Owing to this, her mother was luckily reinstated to her position at the factory and after her first pay; she enrolled Joshua in a baby class at the nearest academy in the neighborhood. The academy, Tompkins Academy for the Sons and Daughters of Distinguished Gentlemen was well known for producing the best student’s country wide and th...
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