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Postcolonial Analysis: The Oriental Contingent by Diana Chang (Essay Sample)

Using postcolonial criticism, analyze either The Oriental Contingent by Diana Chang or Senior Picture Day. Michele Serros Explore what these stories reveal about race, personal identity, and identity, as you¡¯ve learned about them in postcolonial critical theory. Analyze the story¡¯s plot, theme, and characters, providing details from the story to back your argument up. Please note that plot summary alone is an insufficient method of making your argument. Remember, like any essay, you need a strong thesis statement, strong topic sentences that support the thesis statement, and supporting details. This essay should be 4 pages long and include proper MLA style citation, both in-text and in a bibliographic page source..
Postcolonial Analysis: The Oriental Contingent by Diana Chang
The 20th century was a great time in the history of migrations that happened around the world. In this century people recorded movement from one place to another. The movements were necessitated by the search for greener settlements of life. People of the Asian origin migrated to the U.S. and found themselves torn between their own culture and the American practices. This two contrary forces one of originality and the other new found, was fought by the Chinese generation that was born and raised in the American background. This battle of thought led Chinese Americans to an internal criticism between what they are by birth and what nature and consequence has forced on them, while their own identity is a puzzle they must answer. Today, Postcolonial criticism seeks to explore the colored people’s devotedness to classify and keep themselves as hybrids safe between their origins and the new unattainable foreign selves. This is to say that there is no point to mourn that we are a forgotten lot, abused and underdeveloped.
In her book ‘The Oriental Contingent’ Dianna Chang contrasts out the life character of two girls and how they relate to each other. She picks out the feeling of jealousy that is from one of the girls against her Chinese American counter part. Dianna depicts Connie as possessing feelings in being less to Lisa in posing as original Chinese. Connie is more of a person that allows critics to sway her by being submissive. This submissiveness makes her give way even when her own identify of origin and culture is at stake. She feels less and goes not to embrace that her identity is one among other cultures. Postcolonial criticism advances the notion of our otherness and our difference. It is up to us to stand out and own our identity.
Thoughts of being inferior if compared to Lisa haunt Connie even before their physical meeting. After the awaited meeting Connie sighed with relief from learning that her anticipated friend Lisa is more like her. The sense level of jealousy in Connie changed the perception that good things and opportunities are...
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