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My Perfect Dream House, Kesey’s One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Essay Sample)


Daybook Entry 1:  Describe your perfect "dream" house in five to seven sentences.
Daybook Entry 2: Write ten sentences about your impressions thus far regarding One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  If you have not yet started reading the novel, now would be a good time to begin. 
Daybook Entry 3: Describe your current writing process. I am not seeking the "right" answer here, but I would like you to be honest with yourself to assist in analyzing what works best for you. You need to create a process that works for you, and results in success. For this response, fill the entire page. You can even describe where you like to write, or why you dislike writing academic writing assignments. 
Daybook entry 4: Pick one character from the Kesey novel, and draw a symbol of that character. In fifteen sentences, explain how your symbol represents the character. Be sure to identify the character. 
Daybook entry 5: Choose a direct quotation from the novel. Write it out, and explain its importance in 15 sentences. 
Just few paragraphs. please contral it at 5pages, 1375 words. daybook 3,4,5 can write a little bit more. daybook entry 2 write about the impression about when you read 1/4 of the book


Student's Name
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Daybook Entries
Daybook Entry 1
My perfect dream house is located somewhere in the countryside where I can get fresh air every day. I love nature, and it is my dream that one day, I will own a house surrounded by trees and beautiful flowers. I envision my house to be outside of a city or a small town so that I do not have to travel many miles to access goods and services. Near my dream house would be a small river where I would sit nearby and just watch the river flow. I would not want to live in the city where there a lot of noises and many neighbors and it is for this reason that my perfect dream house would have to be in the countryside. Owning a house in the countryside where neighbors will be located at least a hundred meters away would give me peace and happiness. The trees, the sounds of the birds singing, and the tranquility brought about by a river are what I would want to surround my dream house.
Day Book Entry 2
I have read about a quarter of Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and I can say so far I find it interesting and insightful. I find that Kesey uses the novel to portray what was happening in the society during the time of publishing. The far I have read the novel I have found that Kesley was keen to bring out the rift between feminization and masculinity. Right from the beginning, Kesley portrays Nurse Ratched as dominating and as a woman feared by the patients in the ward. She is feared by male characters in the novel, and it is evident that masculinity versus feminization plays out in the first part of Kesey's novel. When McMurphy joins the ward, his rebellious and open approach to life appeals to the patients who had been under the repressive tactics of Nurse Ratched. Through the narration of Bromden, one could see the pressure to conform to the rules that the society places on people. The members of the society that do not follow the societal rules are labeled as mentally ill, and they are sent to psychiatric hospitals for treatment. The happenings inside in the ward are compared to those in the society as those that do not conform to the rules are punished. Therefore, I find the novel insightful as it addresses significant societal aspects.
Day Book Entry 3
What ideally describes my writing process is researching the topic ahead of time. I like having enough information so that I do not get stuck when I begin writing. Therefore, before I start writing, I make sure that I have done enough research concerning what I am going to write about. This also helps me figure out the resources that I will use while writ

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