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Does The America Still Provide Access To The American Dream (Essay Sample)


This is to be an argumentative essay for high school. The prompt is merely: does America still provide access to the American Dream. Yes or no question with three reasons. Does the American Dream still exist?How is it demonstrated in the numbers (your three reasons) plus counterclaim and refutation, with cited page. In MLA, double spaced, Arial 12 font.


Why the American Dream is Still Alive
As elusive as it is, it is arguable that the American dream is still alive and real for many Americans. Nothing makes this claim valid more than the recent epic election of Barack Obama, a descendant of African ancestry, as the U.S. President. Obama's election was not only historical by taking the first black man to the White House, but also a big statement in regards to the limitless opportunities that America offers to those who come to the United States to advance their education and careers. For centuries since the English Puritans fleeing persecution arrived in the New World aboard the Mayflower, America has welcomed millions of people from around the world, offering not only protection for the weak, but also opportunities for success to the ambitious. In this regard, the American Dream is still alive due to three major reasons. First, America is a haven of peace for people fleeing persecution in their home countries. Secondly, the American economy is strong and vibrant enough for entrepreneurs and startups to succeed. Thirdly, America offers equal opportunities to people from all walks of life to succeed.
The existence of the American Dream is evident from the many people from around the world who come to seek refuge from oppression and political persecution in their home countries. The American Constitution protects people's rights from state repression (Stephens, et al. 50), and it is the main reason why America is famously known as “the land of the free.” America's founding fathers envisioned a nation in which people's rights were protected and citizens enjoyed the freedom to pursue and enjoy happiness. It is because America protects people's rights that it is the first destination of choice for those seeking to escape oppression in their home countries. Without the freedoms that Americans enjoy, the American Dream will be dead because it is freedom and liberty that allows them to pursue happiness.
Secondly, the American Dream is alive because the constitution gives people opportunity to succeed in life regardless their ethnic or racial background. There are many real life examples showing that it is only in America where all that one needs to succeed is a vision, ambition, and commitment to thei

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