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I-Search Paper: American Dream for the Millennials (Research Paper Sample)


Directions:  Complete the outline below to give me, and yourself, an idea of what you are going to talk about in your paper.  Treat this as your rough draft.  Eventually the notes you write here will be included in your typed paper.  


Topic: American Dream for the Millennials
America is the land of opportunity and many previous generations have utilized this opportunity to build the great country it is today. I thought that the American dream principles have been diluted by the millennials. I set out to research on the topic and understand the reason why fewer American millennials seem to stagnate in their pursuit of their dreams. They seem to have settled for less and betrayed their imaginations by missing to utilize the opportunity the land offers. Millennial generation seem to have laxed about pursuing the American dream that built the most powerful nation on earth. They seem to have unanimously agreed to live average lives and suppress the urge to chase their dreams despite living on the land of opportunity. This subject it relevant to my life and I want to pursue my dreams on American soil. It has a direct impact to me and I seek to understand if my current ambitions and actions align with my dreams. Indirectly I also seek to understand how the American dream weaves into my present and future life. I started on this research, I hoped to learn how to actualize my dreams. How to position myself to achieve my dream and understand from documented sources how previous generations lived their American dream. I also sought to understand the common pitfalls that can kill a dream and plan on how to mitigate them early. Therefore, I pegged my research on understanding why the American dream has become elusive for the millennials despite their best effort to leave a mark on the world.
First, I settled on a working topic I was interested to research on. Secondly, I formulated questions and hypotheses to guide my research. The primary question was; do millennials still chase the American dream? I refined my topic and created an outline. Finally, I sifted through the internet mainly online libraries and journal websites for more information regarding my topic. The best information I found came from online journals and eBooks. However, some media websites also featured credible information regarding the topic and I found them useful. Journal repositories and research reports publicly available online were helpful. journal repository particularly was invaluable in accessing the information I need to complete my research. They contained empirical data on various elements pertinent to the research topic.
Most of my failures and directives for false positives came from blogs and vlogs. They presented highly subjective information regarding the topic and overlooked the publicly available and verifiable data on millennials. More often than not, some blogs published out rightly inaccurate information regarding the topic. I also came across some people who w

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