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Explore And Discuss Is The American Dream Achievable Now? (Essay Sample)


This essay needs to be an argumentative essay about if the American dream is more achievable now , is for an ESL student and it needs to be academic writing with great punctuation. I will need it by Sunday 11/19/2017


Is the American dream achievable now?
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For years, the United States has been an endless harbor for opportunities paramount to achieving the American Dream. The American Dream states that every individual enjoys equal rights to acquire happiness and prosperity through hard work, willpower, and initiative. Various changes, however, have occasioned in the country, raising the question of whether the dream is achievable now. While all citizens agree that the dream is very much alive, sixty percent of them are skeptical about achieving it. Therefore, it is innocuous to conclude that the American Dream is unattainable now.
Higher education, which is paramount in getting a job and achieving success, has presently become extremely expensive to afford, making the dream unfeasible. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the cost of higher education increased by about 800 percent from nearly 4,500 dollars in 1985 to about 25,000 dollars in 2015, while the minimum wage has increased by approximately 215 percent. The difference makes it impossible for students to work while studying to pay off the fee. Additionally, with decreasing state support and heightened interest rates on the students’ loans, more graduates become slaves to the debts years after graduating, keeping them off achieving the dream.
Individuals that believe that the dream is attainable observe that Americans are dreamers, and so long as they continue dreaming, they will work harder and innovate the world around them eventually achieving their dream. However, According to Forbes, youths are joining the workforce at a time when getting a good job and attaining career advancement is impossible. Further, the economy is pushing people to work harder and longer just to meet their basic needs, however, not achieving financial security (Flannery, 2016, pp. 1). ...
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