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Rhetoric-In-Practice Essay Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


This is the first draft of RIP essay, and it includes a RIP Project first draft and RIP Companion Essay First Draft. The project first draft is "the first draft of the PROJECT itself, not the companion essay. Turn in whatever you have so far. If you're doing a video, that might be the script. If you're making a song, you might only have the lyrics ready. You can upload text here and other sorts of attachments. You might also choose to include links to content that is hosted elsewhere (YouTube videos, audio files hosted on SoundCloud, etc). " Just write whatever you want about it. Then the companion first draft is the formal one which should be 6 pages and related to the proposals from last order. And also there is another reflection about RIP proposals you need to write around 300 words so I extend the number of pages of order to 7 pages.


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August 20, 2018
Rhetorical Analysis
The main purpose of the RIP Project was to show the underlying racial undertones in popular comedy movies and other short films, and how could these ‘non-hostile’ acts could lead into deeper conflicts between people from different races and ethnicities. In order to this, however, I made sure that a proper introduction about how the norms of society works when it comes to judging ‘who’ could use a racial slur, without sounding offensive. As could be seen from the article, it would be the members of the minorities (e.g., blacks and asians) who could willingly say a joke without sounding offensive. However, a pure white American, regardless of his intent in doing so, would be sanctioned by society if he/she acts in any way that is viewed as favoring one particular race over the other. The re

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