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Ethics and Leadership final paper Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


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Ethics and Leadership Final Paper
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Ethics and Leadership Final Paper
Ethical leadership is when the leader strives to always do the right thing. Ethical leadership, as Ciulla et al. (12) pointed out, expands beyond merely increasing the profits and production for a company. It entails taking ethics into account when setting boundaries and making decisions in the company. It is also taken into account when developing ideas. One notable moral framework that ethical leaders use is utilitarianism. In normative ethics, utilitarianism stems from the eighteenth and nineteenth century British economists and philosophers John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham. The theory holds that a given action is wrong if it produces the reverse happiness and right if it promotes happiness. Happiness in this case includes not just the happiness of the person or entity that performs the action, but also the happiness of every person who is affected by that particular action (Gustafsson 88). This paper discusses ethics and leadership focusing on utilitarianism.
Ethics is understood as a system of moral standards and affects the way individuals lead their lives and make decisions. Also described as moral philosophy, ethics focuses on what is good for the society and for individuals. It encompasses several dilemmas including moral decisions such as what is bad and good; the language of wrong and right; people’s responsibility and rights; and how to lead a good life (Mendonca and Kanungo 13). Leadership entails being able to motivate a group of individuals to act toward attaining a certain shared goal. People in leadership positions often lead an organization or a grouping of people.

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