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Reflection Paper: The Story Of Success (Essay Sample)


This Reflection paper is based on the book Outliers- the Story of Success. The goal of this assignment is for you to reflect on the ideas and concepts discussed by Gladwell and how they might relate to your own personal experience either at Seneca, or at home, work, or play. It is critical that your answers reflect on the actions you might take based on your reading of the text.

Your Reflection must be submitted online to the Blackboard Journal.  The total value of this assignment is 20% of your final mark.

Outliers Introduction

Through a series of case studies, Gladwell insists that most people believe a myth that successful people are always self-made however the reality is that most successful people have had various hidden advantages. These factors have been linked to success in terms of how individuals learn about and make sense of the world around them. Gladwell defines an “Outlier” as “a person out of the ordinary that doesn’t fit the traditional definition of success” (Gladwell, page). He concludes that great people and success are linked to concepts of specialization, collaboration, time, place, and culture.

In proper paragraph format (no headings or bullets),  select two of the following topics in which you define the term with an example from the book and explain how it might assist you in reaching your goals during your studies at Seneca College. For both topics you decide to discuss, you must explain at least three ways each of these concepts has an impact on your success at Seneca College and beyond. Take into account the dynamics of working in groups as the nature of employment is becoming more collaborative. Use specific examples from your own experience and do not use the same example in the other topic you choose.

Your Reflection must 3-5 pages (double spaced) in length with font no larger than 12 point and margins no larger than 1 inch. 

As stated above, choose two of the following concepts and give three examples of how each concept can help shape your success at Seneca and beyond:

1. What is an “Accumulative Advantage”? – page 30

2. Do you believe success is due more to inborn talent or deliberate practice? (Page 38) 

3. What is “Practical Intelligence”? (Page 101)

4. What is Power Distance Index? When is a high PDI good and when is Low PDI an advantage? (Page 204) 


The story of success by Malcolm Gladwell talks about successful people and explain why they are successful. According to Gladwell, success is about where we're from and what we do. Gladwell asserts that success is determined by where and when we grow up. There are several concepts in the book that I can maximize to be among the many outliers he describes in his book.
Gladwell defines an outlier as a person who is out of the ordinary and don't fit within the traditional definition of success. Outliers are individuals who stand out from the rest. To be an outlier, one needs to take advantage of specific. According to Gladwell, success is more than an inborn talent, it's a deliberate practice. The concept of deliberate practice is an important element that can help me press on to succeed in college and beyond.
Deliberate practice requires setting specific goals and working hard to achieve them. In order to succeed, I have drawn up a focused plan for my future career and how to maximize several opportunities in college. My deliberate practice plan includes having a good mentor guide me through my learning process. I always an active learner, I take advantage of several learning opportunities to receive feedbacks.
Since deliberate practice leads to success, I always engage in daily practice like participating in class presentations and other classroom activities to re

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