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Ender's Game Compare And Contrast Between Book And Movie (Essay Sample)


Essay prompt: Compare and contrast the text and film versions of Ender's game. What do they share, and what do they do differently? How do these choices create a different experience for the reader/viewer?
• Hook
• Background (identify title, provide a basic summary of the plot, and identify the author and director/year)
• Thesis statement
• The body paragraphs are focused on concepts in the overall story and how they occur in both the text and the movie. Discuss both the text and the movie in each body paragraph.
• Restate your thesis
• Synthesize your ideas, directly comparing and contrasting the text and the movie. Clarify how these differences create a different experience.
• End on a thought that keeps your reader thinking about your ideas.
Must read the book for the essay and watch the movie thanks
The essay provides perceptive identification of the similarities and differences between the text and the movie.
The essay provides perceptive explanation and analysis of the writer or director's choices and how they create an experience for the reader or viewer.
The essay gives detailed justification of opinions and ideas with a range of examples, thorough explanations, and accurate terminology.
The student carefully follows the writing process and the essay is polished
The student organizes ideas logically and coherently, and the ideas build on each other with sophistication.
The essay contains only a few minor errors in grammar and language, if any.
The student's word choice is precise, interesting, and advances the essay argument. The student's sentence structure is varied and engaging.
Must read the book for the essay and watch the movie thanks
Must read the book for the essay and watch the movie thanksMust read the book for the essay and watch the movie thanksMust read the book for the essay and watch the movie thanksMust read the book for the essay and watch the movie thanksMust read the book for the essay and watch the movie thanksMust read the book for the essay and watch the movie thanks
The link of the book

Ender’s Game Adoption
Both the author of the book and the director of the film give the audience the same piece, however each has a different twist that enhances the experiences. Enders Game, is a book that was authored by Orson Scott Card as a military action science fiction. Card who is an American has been known for his contribution in science fiction genre, with several awards to his name and work. He later on published a sequel to the Ender’s Game, titled Speaker for the Dead. Published in the year 1985, the novel presents a situation where the earth is under eminent peril from invasion by aliens, referred to as buggers. There is an anticipated attack from the aliens and the government has to make sure that they ready to defeat them. To these efforts the government rounds up youngsters that have been found to have exceptional capabilities to be trained to fight of the invaders (Granger, Sam). The youngsters have to be taken through some rigorous training to make sure they are capable and have optimized their skills. among the youngsters is Ender Wiggin, whose abilities have been monitored for some time and has proven to be very capable. In light of the success that the book has enjoyed, it has also been adopted into a film. The film is titled Enders’ Game and was released in the year 2013. Like the book, the film is a science fiction, directed by Gavin Hood. While the film adopts most of the content and context of the book such as the plot, characters and the personalities, there are some significant differences between the book and what is seen on the film. This thus creates a rather different appeal for the persons that read the book and those that watch the film. T
Thesis statement: he film is highly compressed modifying some of the scenes and doing away with some others, making it quite different from the book.
Book Adoption
Both the book and the film are similar in some of the elements such as the fact that, at the start of the two there is a preparation that is going on to protect the earth from the invasion by the aliens. The government takes the initiative to get all the best candidates in this case youngsters that have shown some element of potential in their abilities in combat and general intelligence when faced with situations (Granger, Sam). The main youngster in the book and film is Ender Wiggin. It is crucial to note that much of the context does not change, such as the plot of the story, the characters that are included in both the film and the book, their personalities and roles that they play to the end. In the film much like in the book, the director is able to capture the settings where the activities take place. The school where the children are taken to train is dull and brings ...
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