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Assimilation Of Muslim Immigrants Into American Society (Essay Sample)


Purpose and Description
The aim of composing an argumentative research paper is not only to summarize existing perspectives or simply to inform readers about a topic. You have been developing these skills throughout the course, and you should use them to support your writing process, but they are not ends in themselves; rather, they are a means to achieve more complex rhetorical objectives. Your aim for this assignment, specifically, will be to construct a research-based argument for a solution that contributes something new to an ongoing scholarly conversation about a problem. Specifically, you will propose a detailed solution that it is possible to implement in response to a real problem. The instructions described below are designed to guide you through this process.
Invention and Inquiry
Identify the core problem that motivates your research;
Revisit your research question and refine/refocus it where necessary;
Gather together the resources you have developed throughout the semester;
Note the different perspectives represented in the conversation you have defined;
Consider where you stand with respect to the core problem and competing perspectives;
Draft a thesis statement in which you position yourself within the conversation (based on the research you have completed, the evidence you have gathered, and what contribution you hope to make to the scholarly conversation). Specifically, the thesis will pose a solution that it is realistic to enact.
The Composing Process
Introduce your problem and define the scope of your paper;
Describe the extent of the problem and the specific portion of the problem that you will address with your solution;
Pose your specific solution;
Provide background on your topic and why it matters to your audience;
Use the sources you have gathered to position yourself in a scholarly conversation;
Add your own research findings based on the evidence you have gathered and analyzed;
Propose a solution to the problem that adds something new to the conversation;
Argue for why your specific solution is the best choice;
Discuss the specific steps needed in order to implement your solution;
Consider funding opportunities and the possible budget needed to effectively implement your solution;
Conclude your paper by reaffirming the importance of the problem and pointing toward your solution and the means of acting on it.
Specific Requirements
Your paper should:
Articulate and develop a clear and compelling thesis that is a solution to a problem;
Position your argument within a scholarly conversation;
Fully integrate a minimum of 10 sources into your argument;
Be written in a clear, precise, and active prose style;
Include a title that reflects the spirit and scope of your paper;
Be 10-12 pages in length (double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman typeface);
Be uploaded to Canvas as a Word document by the deadline (consult your course syllabus and schedule for details).
The work of joining a scholarly conversation is neither simple nor easy. As you have learned throughout the semester, it requires that we learn about existing scholarship and find ways that we can contribute to it through our own, independent research. It is difficult work, but if done well, you can use your writing to join conversations and help to address important problems, both in the academy, and in the context of work and community life. Please write or stop by my office (or both) if you have questions about this assignment or anything else related to the course.


With globalization becoming the norm of the day, cultures and religions are colliding with one another on the international sphere. An eminent cultural and religious clash is between the Muslims and non-Muslim groups in the American society. The Muslims are moving into America due to various reasons that range from the pursuit of better education and life to seeking refuge to escape unending wars in their home countries. Due to these reasons, Muslims are leaving their home countries to foreign countries especially the United States of America. For long the United States has been priding itself as an inclusive society of diversity that fosters equal opportunities rendering the home of immigrants. However, due to the contradicting values and beliefs that exist between Muslims and non-Muslims, Muslim immigration is a real issue in American society. With Muslim countries having a history of extremism as evidenced by the 9/11 Boston attacks, Muslim immigrants are being stigmatized and discriminated in America and its borders. Therefore, Muslim immigrants find it difficult to be integrated or assimilated into America's diverse society.
The recent policies of Trump administration's policies of Muslim ban from some of the Muslim countries take this issue to a new debate level. America itself is divided on the issue making it a controversial one. Therefore, this conflict between Muslim and non-Muslim groups in the American society makes it worthy for a study. Conservative Americans tend to agree with President Trump's perspectives that Muslims are a threat to America and they need to be controlled. This study will examine perspectives from both sides in order to establish some of the issues that hinder Muslim immigrants from being assimilated into American society. Conversely, it will formulate an action plan that will facilitate the unification of these groups.
For more than a decade, Muslim Americans have found it difficult integrating into American society. The major reason for this can be attributed to what the non-Muslims call “Islamophobia” or the general public fear of Muslims being terrorists. This fear stemmed from the 9/11 attacks and was well propagated by the American Media. The media played a significant role in making the general public perceive Muslims as a threat to society. With the help of Hollywood, the media have painted a vivid image of terrorists that Muslims are capable of becoming.
Muslim immigrants have faced a lot of challenges in integrating into American society. Previous administrations have implemented immigration policies but Trump's recent ones are the most controversial ones of them all. President Trump proposed an order that was to prevent Muslims from entering America. This order has been largely supported by the non-Muslims due to its anti-Muslim perspectives. However, it is essential to understand the Muslims and what hinders their smooth and successful assimilation into American society.
Largely, the Muslims have been painted as “waiting to strike terrorists” and this has denied them a chance to be successfully assimilated into the American society. This questions the meaning of the word terrorism at large. In general terms, terrorism is a word that is widely used by the media and politicians but loses its meaning to the public due to the large information that it has to go through. Therefore, it is a term that is used for sensational needs by individuals who want to manipulate the public to satisfy personal agendas. In general, assimilation is a concept that is being shaped by societal ideologies together with various sentiments such as hate crimes or racial profiling (Hayden, 2017). Therefore, in attempting to find a...

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