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Arguments Assignment: Opposition To Gun Control (Essay Sample)


This is an essay that is anti gun control, then the main content must have the reason that the guns can be using as self protection and protect your personal rights. You can have other reasons but this one must be included. Need to provide a strong evidence, you need to find the sources online.


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Opposition to Gun Control
Gun control has been a debatable issue for a long time now, and different people have different arguments for or against gun control. Legislators have been busy working on policies that can support gun control, and others have been busy opposing those policies that support gun control. This paper discusses the argument against gun control, since guns can serve to protect people against harm from intruders. In addition, allowing the government to take away the right to own a gun can result in infringement of other constitutional rights as well. Focusing on the positive effects of gun ownership will explain the opposition to gun control and why it is important for citizens to be allowed to own guns without restrictions.
Gun control denies citizens the right and ability to protect themselves in case they are attacked especially at their homes. Gun control does not protect the law-abiding citizens from criminals because criminals do not follow the law and will still get access to guns. A law abiding citizen will not use the gun to harm other people because they observe the law but will only use it if their life is threatened. Guns give people the chance to protect themselves and reduce the chances of crimes happening around them (Lott 3). For this reason, we should focus more on the use of guns for defense purpose rather than crime purpose. When someone is attacked at their home, law enforcers mostly arrive at the scene after the crime has been committed. However, if the victim is allowed to possess a gun, they can deal with the intruder before the police arrive and prevent the crime from happening. According to (Women's Self-Defense Institute), the average police response time for a 911 call is ten minutes. In addition, the average time taken by a criminal to interact with a victim is 90 seconds. These statistics reveal that most of the time police will not arrive at the scene fast enough to save the victim and prevent the crime from happening. This is why it is important for law-abiding citizens to own guns without restrictions so that they can protect themselves and take care of their own personal safety as they wait for police response.
Gun control does not work on protecting the good guys from the bad guys because the bad guys will still harm the good guys whether access to guns is controlled or not. The argument that gun control will reduce crime rates is a biased argument because criminals who commit heinous acts such as murder do not care for the law. If they are capable of killing or committing armed robbery despite the fact that it is against the law, they will find other way

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