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ENG 105 Analysis: Gun Control, Violence, Criminal Activities (Research Paper Sample)


ENG 105- Rhetorical Analysis

Choose from one of the following topics:  • Write a rhetorical analysis of an argument of your choice.  Choose an article that presents one of the issues and tries to persuade the audience.  In your analysis, specifically pay attention to how the author is trying to influence you through logic (logos), credibility (ethos) or emotions (pathos).  Explore at least three different emotions that play an important role in this argument.  (Johnson-Sheehan & Paine 158)• Analyze the text one of the top 100 speeches (all except Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a Dream” speech) from the website: http://www(dot)americanrhetoric(dot)com/top100speechesall.html Review the speech.  Print a copy of the text and write your analysis based on the rhetorical devices used to sway the audience.• Analyze a historical document.  Similar to the speech, you have the choice to take historical document that you find interesting.  Analyze the text and make sure to provide some historical background/ context for the text.  For the analysis, you will need to explain why it is or is not effective.  Refer to p. 160 #1 for a detailed description of the topic.Due Dates: Pre-write September 28, 2017 during class First Draft October 3, 2017 (Late assignments will result in a 10% reduction before 5pm and a letter grade for each additional day.)  Final Draft, October 10, 2016 (Include all drafts.)Your Readers: Your audience will be readers who are unfamiliar with the text/speech/ document being analyzed.  Use the worksheet under the link rhetorical analysis to develop your interpretive guide to frame your analysis. https://tutorial(dot)dasa(dot)ncsu(dot)edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/29/2015/06/RhetoricalAnalysis.pdfAssignment Requirements: Your essay should be at least 1000 words in length.  Please mark the work content at the end of the essay.  Your essay should…• Provide a clear introduction• Include the thesis in the introduction• Introduce the text/event/ advertisement and its source• Cite any outside sources using MLA format by including in-text citations and a works cited list• Conclude the essay by restating the main idea, key points, and provide one final pointKeep track of the word count when typing the document.  Revise your essay by making sure that you provide a variety of sentence structure, proper use of punctuation, and a clear and logical flow of ideas.Format:  Make sure to include a heading, title, and paragraph indentation.  The text should be double-spaced.  List the word count on the bottom the page.  The font size should be 12 pt. and the style Times New Roman.  There will be clear transitions to mark each new paragraph.  Include parenthetical documentation when incorporating citations.  Each draft of the essay needs to be turned in during class with the previous draft attached in the order of the first draft on top with the most current draft on the bottom.  


Gun Control.
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Gun violence is criminal activities committed using guns. There is law governing the use of firearms. The said rules dictate the ownership of the arms and how they ought to be concealed when being carried and under what circumstances they ought to be used. Despite the regulations and the application of measures that dictate this, there are always limitations or drawbacks from the use or possession of the gun by civilians.
The gun control policies are implemented to regulate the usage and ensure the safety of the people in the society. These individuals who do not possess the license to own and use guns suffer in some cases from accidents or intentional use of the guns by those who hold them and can use them. The idea of gun control despite being inclined at ensuring the safety of those who fall, victim of the dangers of the guns; has a terrible result on the safety of those who feel threatened by criminals or other potential threats CITATION Cla17 \l 1033 (Foran, 2017). One can, therefore, say that the aspect of gun control has not been effective in curbing the accidents resulting from the gun usage in the society.
Possession of guns
In the united states, over 32% of the people own guns. This implies that in every group of 100, over 88 of them have a gun that they own or poses either at their home or that they carry around. The interpretation of the Second Amendment has been the primary reason as to why these cases of gun ownership have been on the rise. The right to protect oneself and possess a gun. This right results in more people having weapons/ gins in their possession at any time CITATION Mil08 \l 1033 (Miller & Hemenway, 2008). The result of this is increased misuse of the firearms and potentially increased crime in the area. The people tend to interpret the law as given them the right to use the guns anyhow in the country.
The united states have the highest possession of guns population all over the world. Over 35% of the men in the state and 12% women. The ownership of guns comes from the history of the country during the colonial period and the support it receives from the second amendment rights. The seen amendment states that: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
An individual possessing a gun has a higher probability of using the gun to commit the crime in some instances. Families that have guns in the houses have a potential of attracting crime form the members who ten to use the guns to settle scores in their interaction or conflict with other people in the society CITATION Wil101 \l 1033 (Wilson & Petersilia, 2010). The fact that the concept of owning a gun cannot be prosecuted without the violations of the second amendment confines the state on its ability to control and regulate the usage of the weapons in the communities.
Case study
In Nevada, Las Vegas, in the period between 2004 and 20125, the number of deaths because of gun violence has been higher than that of road accidents. The notable difference in the number of gun violence /crime being higher were noted in 2006 and had never changed from being the lead cause of death in the region CITATION Lia17 \l 1033 (Brinded, 2017). This has increased by 13% between the period. The area was in the limelight during the shooting case which involved Stephen Paddock firing on the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. From 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. The shooting resulted in the killing of over 58 people an

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