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Old Age, Personal and Societal Responsibility Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Exercise One: Old Age, Personal and Societal Responsibility
Following are several brief descriptions of how a number of different people live their lives. After you read these, you will be presented with a series of questions relating to personal and societal responsibilities for “retirement income” support in old age.
Person “A” graduated from college and got a good job. “A” has had steady salary progression, has saved about 12% of salary every year, paid the maximum amount of Social Security tax (FICA), and retired at 65. “A” is getting a good company pension, and has a retirement income from all sources at about 120% of final salary.


Old Age, Personal and Societal Responsibility
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Old Age, Personal and Societal Responsibility
Person B should receive extra retirement income from society/government. Person B is a high school graduate who decided to join the armed forces. By putting his life in danger for the nation's safety and security, person B should get equal compensation from society and the government. However, it is often the case that individuals such as person B are not well appreciated by society and government. As seen in person B's case, veterans have to work menial jobs after leaving the service. Also, by the time person B is 62 years old, the body is too worn out to continue working. Unlike private-sector workers who have to rely on their savings and company pensions during their retirement, veterans often do not have sufficient income in their pension schemes or savings due to their significantly lower salaries. The government and society should, therefore provide them with extra retirement income.
Person C should pay extra taxes to help pay for more retirement income of others. This is because person C has a significantly high income, which they do not use well.

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