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Client SWOT Analysis Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Northeastern University's Experiential Network team is thrilled to formally introduce the Signode Canada Group (10 students, that are us) of PBR 6135 (that is course: Public Relations Planning & Strategy) to Jon Fowkes of Signode Canada ULC to collaborate on a short-term XN partnership! The project description is below.

Strategic Communication Plan for Global Organization


A Canadian organization is a global manufacturer of steel and plastic strapping, stretch film, pressure sensitive carton sealing tape and the application equipment and accessory products for each. The organization seeks support to create increased B2B awareness and better communicate with the target audience and decision makers. Organizational leaders currently maintain a limited web and social media presence and desire a collaboration with students to increase brand awareness by increasing digital reach.

Final Deliverable: 

The desired outcome of this collaboration is a strategic communication plan to increase the current digital footprint and better reach key stakeholders/decision makers. The deliverable will include platforms to participate on, website content recommendations, cost analysis and perceived benefits of the investment.


A tool often employed in the situational awareness/environmental scanning phase of the strategic public relations plan is the SWOT analysis. This research tool delves into the internal strengths (S) and weakness (W) of an organization, as well as the opportunities (O) and threats (T) it encounters from external players.


This is a long-term assignment. For this week’s assignment, prepare a SWOT analysis for the client.


SWOT Analysis
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SWOT Analysis
Signode Canada is a global manufacturer and a leading transit-packaging provider. It was founded in 1913 and became a member of the Illinois Tools Work in 1986. However, in 2014 The Carlyle Group acquired it CITATION Sig18 \l 1033 (Signode Industrial Group, 2018). Signode has around 7000 employees and operates across six continents. They produce a variety of protective packaging materials. In addition to the packaging material, they make packaging tools and equipment. Signode Canada is at the forefront of customer-focused innovation in the packaging industry and has revolutionized the industry (Signode, n.d.).
The strengths of Signode Canada lie within their effective utilization of the five significant resources and capabilities at their disposal. These include human resources, financial resources, physical resources such as land, operations, and processes, and experiences. Signode Canada has achieved an optimal combination of these resources, which has given them a significant edge over their competitors.
Signode Canada has a well-established brand that allows them to retain customers and also increase their market share. It dominates the domestic market. The positive repute of Signode Canada helps in achieving performance-driven marketing goals. Since it helps in increasing the sales of the company, they have successfully built-up good brand repute due to their excellent quality and services CITATION Dav16 \l 1033 (London, 2016). The products allow their customers to increase productivity while reducing costs. The quality of products is a critical factor in differentiating them from the competitors. When coupled with the services and variety of products, the premium prices become justified. 
Signode Canada has a stable supply chain. They have a dependable relationship with every supplier in each segment of the supply chain. It helps them become more cost-effective and move a step closer to achieving economies of scale. The strong relationships help mitigate any risks and allow for more control of the supply chain CITATION Jon \l 1033 (Davies, n.d.). A dependable supply chain relationship will lower procurement costs and help Signode Canada achieve a competitive advantage.  

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