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When There Is Love, There Will Always Be A War Right Behind It (Essay Sample)


this essay is based on "Slaughterhouse Five"

Love and War
“When there is love, there will always be a war right behind it.”
Perhaps the most appropriate notion that we can relate to this statement is the concept of “yin and yang.” In Chinese philosophy, yin yang means dark and bright or negative and positive. It is the balance between two contrary forces. It symbolizes the merging of two separate and totally conflicting forces, which in reality, are connected to each other – that one cannot reach its truest nature without the presence of the other.
Relatively, love and war are two equal but contrary forces. The other is good, whereas the other is bad. In the book Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, both were depicted. The characters in the story portrayed the possibility of searching for one, but always ending up with the other. They were in search for love and peace, but war has been always behind them, and sometimes, it was even one step ahead of them. When it came to the point that they were almost there, a step away from their aspirations of love, war came and crushed them down into chunks. The book actually showed the powerful and destructive characteristics of war, but in very subtle ways.
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