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Love is Like Cocaine: Response Writing Assignment (Book Review Sample)


The one-page response assignment for the Helen Fisher article "Love is Like Cocaine" is to be turned in as a paper copy in class. The paper copy will be graded for form and content with comments and a final numeric score and returned to the student the following week in class. The final numeric scores for the response assignment will also be posted on Canvas.
It is a one-page response for the article. The instruct is above. If you have any question, let me know.


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Love is Like Cocaine: Response
Helen Fisher’s “Love is Like Cocaine” is a candid expression of how love is as addictive as cocaine. Drug addicts know very well that if they fail to take their normal doses, it will be chaotic both in their physical and emotional lives. In the same vein, Fisher underscores that the power of love cannot be underestimated since it makes people behave like addicts.
Fisher asserts that romantic love and attachments are extremely powerful, and she goes ahead to affirm that they are forms of addictions (Fisher). Just like cocaine addicts, lovers can do anything to stay close to one another. Just like Fisher highlights, for those who are deeply in love, they always look forward to satisfying and feeding th

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