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How the Other Half Loves Research Writing Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Watch “How the Other Half Loves” play and write an article.
What did they do well? What could they have done better? Consider props, costuming, and lighting as well as the performance of individual actors. What stands out?
Pick one of the aspects mentioned above. Explain what it contributed to the overall performance.
Begin by identifying the performance you attended and what aspect of the performance you intend to write about.
Write at least two good, clear, well-organized paragraphs about the aspect of the performance you have chosen. Do not simply lapse into plot summary or character description. Your goal, with this assignment, is to describe and evaluate some aspect of a performance.


“How the other half loves”
On May 18th, I was part of the audience at Berwick theater for the performance of “How the other half loves” by the peninsula players. The play revolves around three couples; petit bourgeois Featherstone, middle class-Phillips and Upper-class Fosters. The overlap between the Fosters and Philips homes clearly indicated the differences in social status. However, the peninsula players could have done better during the double dinner parties. Since it was on the same stage, some words were not heard well. Nevertheless, the general performance of the actor

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