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Literary Periods (Essay Sample)

Discuss how Puritanism,Romanticism and Transcendentalism influenced one another as well as the development of American literature. Be sure to reference specific authors and readings. Use MLA format and include a Works Cited page source..
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In the light of Enlightenment, Puritanism was experiencing its own reformation when Romanticism was showing itself on the continent of America. During this process the foundation of Transcendentalism was also laid which remained constant throughout the development of American literature. It was expected that Romanticism in America would be different than its original form. Romanticism took its root in Puritan Soil. For example, Ralph Waldo Emerson who was an indispensable personality in the Renaissance as well as in the development of American literature was the descendant of Puritan clergymen. The Transcendentalism was liked with continuation as well as liberation of older traditions. The American culture and its landscape cannot be separated from one another. Similarly the American experience was different from European sophisticated culture. (Lawrence, 18) The reason for that was Americans had wonders and natural gifts where as Europeans possessed their traditions. Puritanism, Romanticism and Transcendentalism pervaded throughout 19th century American thinking. That means Puritanism, Romanticism and Transcendentalism are closely related to each other and all of them influenced the development of American culture. (Lawrence, 23)
The American Literature
We all know that American literature came from the Puritan Soil of New England. There the American Transcendentalism known as Romanticism emerged. Transcendentalists were influenced by British writers such as Thomas, Wordsworth and Coleridge, and they opposed the rationalistic and narrow materialistic conception about the world. They were the supporters of secular spirituality. According to them every individual has a direct relationship with the forces of nature. (Lawrence, 28) In drama and fiction the American literature is influenced by German and French romantic melodrama and comedies which plays a psychological and social effect on American literature. The fictional society that flourished during 1836 to 1860 is the Transcendentalism which is considered to be founder of Romanticism of the nineteenth century. The Transcendentalism is a realistic attitude, intelligence and theology. Transcendentalism is embedded in the American literature owed its enveloping ethics. On the other hand Romanticism owed a theory of nature as an existing mystery. American Romanticism is generally referred to writers of era around 1815 to 1865 whose concepts and writing was inclined by British. In an early American culture Transcendentalism was considered as the Unitarian society of American history. Edgar Allan Poe throughout his artistic work established an outstandingly American role to creative writing. We considered Transcendentalism a little logical or reliable theoretical structure as it rejects code of belief and play its role in promoting scholarly works. (Lawrence, 34 – 41) It further personified American idea of uniqueness, independence...
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