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Tell-Tale Heart (Essay Sample)


Explain how our understanding of the narrator evolves over the course of this story. Discuss what each paragraph adds to our understanding as the story unfolds. What is our final opinion of the narrator, based on these unfolding clues? Only use the story for quotations!!!! Please review the section about the Essay #1 Assignment to see the guidelines that my instructor wants followed. one of the books

The Tell Tale Heart is one of the most provoking pieces of literature, evoking scenes and emotions relative to a terrifying horror story. Expected from such a disturbingly brilliant author, Edgar Allan Poe, it contains elements of surprise, absurdity, and most notably- insanity. In the progress and development of the story, the primary element is the sanity of the narrator and how he rationalizes his act of committing the murder. In the end, the reader can ascertain that was indeed insane, his perception of reality obscured by self-defensive behaviour, thinking himself brilliant and justified in his act of murder.
The narrator, starting in paragraph 1, appears to either attempt to persuade himself that he was not mad, or he was acting in defence of his person and state of mind against a third person, or the perception of society in general that he was mad. This self-defensive behaviour included the attributes he was exhibiting which supposedly made him appear mad. In evidence of his sanity, he professes that his senses are as sharp as ever, especially /\ his sense of hearing. He offers a challenge that he would prove either intra-personal, or inter-personal, to the person he perceived was judging or accusing him, that he was indeed sane.
In paragraph 2, he begins his narration of events, starting with the conception of an idea which propelled his acts. He recounts what propelled him to commit the act; he contemplates whether it was an objective, motivated by passion, revenge, or gold. The state of mind of the narrator is of confusion and contemplation. He realizes that the old man has not wronged him in any way and that he even loved the latter. In essence, he was looking for the reason why he committed the act, which he eventually reveals to be the old man’s vulture-like eyes.
The narrator, in paragraphs 2 a...
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