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The Play of King Lear (Essay Sample)

Drama Essay Assignment On the play of King Lear Paper topic : Discuss Lear's movement through what Northrup Frye calls the character modes (mythic, romantic, high mimetic, and ironic). What mode is Lear in when the play begins? Where does he end up? Does he move through all of the modes or just some of them? Defend your choices. Draft Guidelines: The essay should be 3 to 4 pages, typed in MLA format. YOU MUST USE 2 SOURCES AND THOSE SOURCES MUST BE DRAWN FROM THE LITERATURE RESOURCE CENTER OR JSTOR, WHICH ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE CCCC LIBRARY….Here is how you get to the CCCC web page to access the library. Go to http://www(dot)cccc(dot)edu/ Look for the word Library and click on it. The next page look on the Right Column and click on Online Resources. The next page scroll down and you will see JSTOR and Literature Resource Center. Click visit this site. The Literature Resource Center You will need a password, that password is centralccc YOU CAN NOT! CAN NOT! USE ANY OTHER SOURCES BESIDES WHAT IS IN EITHER JSTOR OR LITERATURE RESOURCE CENTER. source..
The Play of King Lear
King Lear is a memorable character. He is a portrait of a large reality that exists in the world, whether ancient or modern. In understanding his character, it is important to take note of what he has gone through in the series of events presented in the story, which means we have to rely on the story itself; but more so is that we will also have to take King Lear`s character for itself and analyze it from a variety of perspectives.
The following analysis will not only be referred to the story itself but also on the basis of Northrop Frye`s theory of fictional modes which explains that a character - usually the hero - goes through separate modes depending upon his/her relationship with the other characters and/or the natural environment he/she is involved with at the time CITATION Lan03 \l 1033 (Lange).
In the drama, King Lear of Britain decides to retire from the throne and divide the kingdom among his three daughters - Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia - in the condition that they be wed first and each express the measure of love that they feel for him.
Goneril and Regan, both sinister and greedy characters, took this opportunity to whelm their father with flattery words of supposed love. Pleased yet blinded of the reality behind this performance, King Lear was quick to reward them with husbands of stature and lands of their own. Meanwhile, Cordelia, the youngest of the three and the regarded favorite of King Lear, refused to submit to the ridiculousness of her father`s request, humbly stating that her love for him cannot be expressed with mere words. Outraged by Cordelia`s response, he unhesitatingly banished her from the kingdom - completely disowning her as his daughter. Later, Lear flees in fear of his daughters, Goneril and Regan. He realizes then the consequences of his actions and gravely regrets it.
All the while, another relevant character, Gloucester, suffers a similar fate at another part of the kingdom. His illegitimate son, Edmund, deceives him to disowning his legitimate son, Edgar; he also declares him an outlaw. Edgar is then forced to flee and keep himself constantly in disguise in order to stay close to his father and keep him safe.
Complex developments continue to take place throughout the story whilst significantly entwining the lives of these characters. Goneril and Regan completely overthrow their father; and Edmund gets entangled in a love triangle between them, despite the fact that they have already been wed locked. Cordelia, having been wed with the King of France, leads an invasion in Britain with an army in an effort to save his father and their kingdom from the ravenous hands of her sisters. At war, Cordelia and Lear are captured; Edmund turns them in. Cordelia ends up being executed; this, in turn, grieved his father and led to his death. Edgar engages in a battle with Edmund and wounds him; Edmund then confesses to all his wrongdoings. It was also about this time that Gloucester...
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