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Iraqi Democracy Argument Paper (Essay Sample)


Print, read and annotate the following pair of articles:
- "Nation Building Works" by David Brooks (2010)
- "Disintegrating Iraqi Democracy Demarks Another US Nation Building Failure" by Dan Ehrlich (2012)
Write a detailed three paragraph response. Use details from these two assigned articles by Brooks and Ehrlich to support your argument.
- What is each author's central argument?
- Identify at least three main supporting details each author uses to back up the main argument.
- Whose position on nation building do you agree with more, any why? Be specific in your response.
Make sure all references and quotation are clearly cited, using the parenthetical form of citations. Also include a works cited. (Review MLA format.)
I attach 2 files for 2 different aritcles. Please message or e-mail me if you cannot open the file.

Student Name:
“Disintegrating Iraqi Democracy Demarks another US Nation Building Failure” by Dan Ehrlich, Huffington Post
Dan Ehrlich argues that the involvement of America in the major and minor wars were mainly due to political or economic interest. He explains further the trickery used to get the funds for this war, for example, using patriotism and threats to national security as the principal reasons. The wars advance the American political or economic interest and at times may succeed with others failing terribly. The guise of advancement or protection of democracy has made the US accrue massive amounts of debt, totaling up to 15 trillion.
Ehrlich gives a typical example of the Korean War, advanced by the US under the UN pact. The US forged to control the political and economic sphere for mutual benefit, but the plan failed. The author explains further the bitter relations between the West and North Korea, which tries so hard to advance its nuclear program while the South is a loyal ally and an industrial powerhouse. The US created two antagonistic nations out of an initially unified country. The Iraqi democracy is another choice scenario. The Prime Minister, enthroned by the US, advances dictatorial policies that threaten the existence of democracy the US had fought much to install. On the contrary, the Kurdish north has maintained its loyalty to the West and is fighting for its autonomy. The involvement in the arms deal with Saudi Arabia is a strategic deal meant to counter the Iraqi rebellion; the US also hopes it would create another economic front back home through the creation of about 50,000 jobs. Other fronts such as the involvement in the Vietnam War also depict US guise of nation-building attempts but in reality protecting its supremacy in South-East Asia. It caused a lot human sacrifice and added to the national debt.
“Nation Building Works” by David Brooks (2010), New York Times
David Brooks tries to justify the US involvement in the Iraqi War. He gives the reason for Iraqis development and stability as the US nation-building efforts. Reasonable progress have been recorded since the end of the war, for example, the inflation rates have stabilized, reduced unemployment percentage, stabilized oil production and ...
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