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3 Days That Changed America (Essay Sample)


There are 2 parts to this assignment. Instructions will be attached. Please feel free to contact me for any questions. Thank you.


Three Days that Changed America
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Day 1: The Populist Revolution
The Populist Revolution was a short-lived uprising that had a major impact on the American politics. It existed between 1891 and 1908 and championed for economic and political statutes in the later stages of the 19th century. It comprised majorly of the agrarian enthusiasts in the Southern and Middle West states. The revolution was mainly agrarian-oriented based on the enthusiasts’ discontent on crop failures, dropping prices, under-privileged marketing and credit facilities. On a regional scope, the revolution was much stronger and significant but less effective on a national scale. To gain the national outlook, other groups like the labor factions were included to improve their effectiveness. The movement incited farmers from other states, for example, the Texas and Arkansas necessitating the need for unification (Edsall, 1991). The revolution prompted the formation of a merger to champion for the rights of the affected persons but segregated the black American farmers. The merger changed the political atmosphere of the US since the only two dominant parties at the time were the Republicans and the Democrats which were felt to be populated by the bankers and other elite citizens living the peasant farmers out in the ‘political’ cold. The merger reached the crescent point in 1892 when they fielded several candidates for the national elections (Beeby, 2008). Some of the proposed reforms by the populist revolution included the following:
Eradication of national banks (these banks were owned and run by the wealthy, therefore, had major effects on the structuring of the financial policies)
Direct-election for the Senators
Reforms regarding the civil service (the public service needed some restructuring for better performance and increased public confidence)
Recommended 8-hour working day (the minority marginalized groups had more working hours yet the pay was devastating. The employers were not ready to raise the pay leaving the reduction in number of working hours as the only option)
Advanced income tax (the income tax considered less of the level of earning leaving the marginalized having a greater tax remunerations)
Full control of the railroads, telephones and the telegraphs by the government (increased rates on these necessities proved expensive as the rich wanted to earn exorbitant returns from the same and also the risk of inflation that would leave a high percentage of the marginalized jobless)
The merger thrived well and even gained the loyalty of the Southwest and the Great Plains’ farmers though they faced stiff competition in the South from the Democrats. Eventually, the Populist Party and revolution was downplayed by the monopoly from the major parties though the reforms chanted for by the farmers and the least in the US politics were taken up by the Populists. Though the defeat was honorable, the revolution exposed the unnecessary evils in the American society that were to be rectified for a better life. Considering the political standards at the time, the reforms would be labeled as inciting since traditional candidates did not rely on changes to depict their aggression when running for an elective seat. Before, the American low-class and the farmers were affected by the financial regulations or reforms introduced at the time, for example, the farmers in Kansas faced outright manipulation considering the financial influence of the incredibly wealthy that affected their economic advancement (Northrup, 2011). Some of the effects of this economic influence included:
The inflated interest rates that made borrowing expensive (the middle and low-class could not develop economic ventures due to expensive loan rates)
The foreclosures of mortgages (fewer ...
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