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Imageries and symbols in. Imagery and Symbolism Assignment. (Essay Sample)


this is what my introduction looks like:
Fiction stories always contain imagery and symbolism that helps readers understand and have imaginative view of what information the writer tries to pass across to the reader. Imagery simply means the words or phrases that may include metaphors and similes that stir feelings or memories that are appealing to the senses. Symbolism on the other hand suggest or stands for an idea, quality or concept larger than itself.
In ‘Hills Like White Elephants’ there were so many imageries and symbolisms used that depicts the conflicts and desires of the characters in the story. For example, ‘white elephants’ symbolises something of great value and not really expected like Jig’s pregnancy. The author uses imagery in the title of his story to help us have an idea of the setting of the story.
If there is any improvement that could done about it i would be fine with it. This is a essay proposal assignment.
thank you.


Imagery and Symbolism
Imagery and symbolism are among the common elements used by writers to entice, highlight and insinuate deeper meanings of the points they pass through to readers. Imagery can be defined as writing elements such as metaphors or similes incorporated in writing to stir feelings and memories that appeal to readers' senses. Symbolism, on the other hand, is an element used in writing with hidden meaning. Symbolism helps the readers to expound further in their imagination to understand the deeper meaning of events, phrases or even objects used by the writer beyond their literal meaning. Ernest Hemmingway, the author of Hills Like White Elephants short story, incorporates several imagery elements in his work. This paper examines some of the notable aspects of imagery and symbolism in Hills Like White Elephants.
Symbolism and Imageries in Hills Like White Elephants
The symbol of white elephant
The most notable symbol in Hemmingway's short story is the white elephant. Besides appearing in the title, where it does project ideas in the stories to readers, it is also used to symbolize certain things. The symbol of white elephants is interpreted to have more than one meaning in the story. 

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