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Interprofessional Documentation. Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Dear Writer,
Please follow teacher's instruction. Please copy and paste question first then write the answer. And please use APA format wit links.
Thank you
Step 1: Case of Jane Black: See information on below for case study information
- Female, 32 years of age/ Married with 3 children/ 22 weeks pregnant/ Newly diagnosed Diabetic/ right-sided weakness
PMH- Right-sided weakness from a "minor stroke" 5 years ago
Mother of 3 children aged 7, 5, 3
Hx of present illness: - Newly diagnosed Diabetic
22 weeks pregnant (4th pregnancy)
Experiences polydipsia and polyuria
Found at home drowsy and having difficulty focusing
Family Hx
Mother is diabetic with vision problems and recently diagnosed with kidney failure
7 y/o daughter has Cystic Fibrosis
Husband smokes and is overweight
Living Conditions:
Renting a 3 bedroom apartment
Primary family caregiver
Step 2: Answer the following questions on DB (point form answers fine)
- What Interprofessional team members would you include for this client?
• What would the nurse document in this case situation
• What do you see as the issues and challenges of interprofessional documentation?
• What strategies can you come up with to overcome the issues an challenges of interprofessional documentation?


Interpersonal Documentation
Students’ Name:
University Affiliation:
Date of Submission:
Interpersonal Documentation
What Interprofessional team members would you include for this client?
Pregnancy comes with many complications that should be monitored to ensure that both the mother and unborn child’s lives and safety are not compromised. In the case study, a 22-weeks pregnant woman, Jane Black, has been diagnosed with diabetes. Jane has a history of diabetes in her family. For instance, her mother has diabetes and was recently diagnosed with kidney failure. In this case, both her gynecologist and the doctor should work in synergy to protect the unborn baby (Guck et al., 2019). The gynecologist and the obstetrician assess the mother’s health and that of the baby to establish the type of care given. If there are any issues, the gynecologist will request an ultra-sound and close monitoring of the pregnancy. 

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