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Assignment #6: Gathering research and Evidence. Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


Assignment #6: Gathering research and Evidence 
Overview: You are now ready for steps 5-8 of the research process. Assignment #5 took you through steps 1-4.  For this assignment you will focus on gathering evidence/research to support your research question about social media.
1. Before you begin this assignment do the following:
a. Lecture #7-9
b. Assignment #5
c. Watched this tutorial  from librarian Bill Easton:Link (Links to an external site.) 
2. Each question is worth 10 points, for a 40 point total. 
Question #1 (2 points) State your research question from Assignment #5. For example: Does social media cause depression in American teens?
Question #2- Step 5 Gathering Research: Using the MPC library databases, please gather your 3  primary sources ( your main sources to support the answer to your research question) and 2 secondary sources ( sources that compliment your above research question). You can use any sources from the databases such as scholarly articles, periodicals/magazines, academic articles, TED talks, books, or documentaries. 
1. List the title of the article, film, or source of your primary and secondary sources. The author or speaker. What database you found it in. And the year it came out. For example:  “How to Eat Spaghetti” by Brandi Kary found in academic search complete from 2019. Do this for all five sources.
Question #3 Step 6- Interpret the Results:  Next find one quote from EACH source ( for a grand total of 5 direct quotes) and type them below. Make sure to include the author or speaker's name next to the quote to give them credit. 
Question #4 Step 7- Report your findings:Now that you’ve gathered some research, turn your question into a claim and make a three step thesis statement from it using the claim + reason concluding idea model.
A former student’s example:
Social media causes depression among American teens BECAUSE it produces unrealistic expectation and creates a detachment from reality; THEREFORE, it is important for psychologists and parents to consider the impact social media makes on the developing brain. 


Gathering Research and Evidence on
Teenage Pregnancy
[date]Research Question
Does the lack of formal education and science-based information on sex and reproduction contribute to the growing number of teenage pregnancies?
Research Sources
Rethinking Teenage Pregnancy Prevention by Juliana Marquez Salej found in TEDx Talks Youtube Channel from March 2020
Adolescent Pregnancy found in World Health Organization Website from January 2020
About Teen Pregnancy found in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from March 2019
Preventing Teenage Pregnancy by Mellanby, Pearson, & Tripp found in BM Journals Archives on Disease in Childhood from 1997

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